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How did you reach your career goal?

Im 14, favorite color blue , and I’m a football player #football #sports #athlete

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2 answers

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Alycia’s Answer

Hello Daveyier,

I found what I loved and wanted to do as a career when I was in high school, around 14 actually, so it is great that you are thinking about your future. The best advice that I can give to you is to set small goals and make all your decisions about achieving that goal. For example; I wanted to work in tv news and I knew I needed to get a foot in the door because that is how you start. When I was in college and had the opportunity to take an internship I had to make the decision to intern during "normal" times of the day or normal NEWS times. While talking to classmates I realized they were all taking internships sometime Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm but by watching news I knew that these were not normal time for people to work in news. I made the very hard decision as a 20 year old college student to make my internship hours weekend mornings at 5am! Now of course I would have loved to work those "normal" hours during the week and continue to enjoy college life on Friday and Saturday nights but I knew I had made the right decision. I was the only one out of my classmates that had turned their internship into a full time job by the end of that semester. We all interned in the same industry, even some at the same station, but my decision to work odd hours paid off and showed the bosses how dedicated I was. I know that was a long story to get the point across but I highly suggest to get started in the career you want you need to make decisions based off that career, even if they are hard and sometimes not ideal.

Once you've achieved your first goal of just getting into the door at the career you want then you set your next goal. Then when you get to that goal, set another. The small victories will keep you motivated until you reach your end goal, if there is ever a thing.

Work hard and stay motivated!
All the best,
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Will’s Answer

Hi Daveyier,

I am so impressed that you are thinking about career already at 14. I had no clue about mine until college and wish I could've done differently.

Retrospectively speaking, it all begins with you because you know yourself best on Day1 of setting your career plan. Your answers to a few questions below might help:

1. Start with ability and interest at high level:
- What am I interested in?
- What knowledge and skills I have?

2. Try to match ability and interest
- How much I already know about what I am interested in?
- What capabilities I have on things I am curious about?
- What experience I have on the relevant aspect if there's any, like internships?

Self-awareness is a mission critical part of your career plan because it keeps you thinking and reflecting on yourself. As times goes, you might develop new interests and need to adjust your career goal accordingly. That's absolutely normal and being prepared through infinite learning is the only way to get yourself prepared.

Here's a link to some other insightful suggestions:

Good luck!