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What do I need to do to become a model.

I’m in the 11th grade. I love online shopping for clothes and accessories. I like doing photoshoots. fashion career career-choice model modeling fashion-design

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2 answers

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angie’s Answer

Hello, Anasia,

I was once a model for Dicks sporting goods, an actor and had some commercials....this is what I can tell you about that industry.

I started out in Pittsburgh PA - and going on open calls. I had to have pictures taken, professional and I had to have a resume of what I could do as a model or actress....
Examples are: I can wear high heels. I can do yoga poses. I can ride a bike and a skateboard. I can swim. I can look sick. I am comfortable without makeup. I am able to balance. I can carry a waitress tray. I can cry on demand.

It's whatever you can do that you've seen others do while modeling or acting in commercials or photos. There are examples of these types of resumes on the internet....check them out.

The small city of Pittsburgh was a very nice place to start out. All the other models and or actors were friendly and helpful. It felt like we were on each other's sides. I suggest having a buddy to go to open calls with...and know where you are going. Do not go to any sketchy places alone!!

Once you have a few open calls under your belt, try to get an agent. Go to open calls for agents and present yourself professionally. Wear a nice fitting, not overly sexy, well-put-together outfit. Invest in one that you can use for this purpose. Look the part you want to get! Already be that model in your mind! Have confidence and smile a lot, but do not flirt with the agents or representatives. Be professional, always.

You also need to study other models....know who's out there, why they are booking, and what the looks are that are not represented. Find your unique not copy another. Be you. Do not cover up anything unique on your face or body...uniqueness is key. Truly just be confident in what you look like and who you are...that's the biggest thing you can do.

Know that you will get a lot of No's before that Yes....or you might get a Yes and then a ton of No's....that's all the game and it's normal.

And above all else, hold to your integrity. Know yourself. Stick to who you are....if you are offered a drink and you do not want a drink, say no. Be confident. Stay grounded and kind.

Good luck! Hope to see you in the magazines or on the screen.
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Bruno’s Answer

Hi Anasia,
Career of a Model is an interesting and exciting, but often time-limited. I suggest that you think about your long-term goals, and how will a period you work as a model help you achieve your long term goals. Which skills and experiences are you likely to acquire working as a model? How will the connections and network you develop help you in further career?
Your long term interests may very well be in the fashion or media, or they may be in very different field. You will benefit from the ability to present confidently in front of large audience, to learn tasks at the short notice, to be punctual and pay attention to detail.
Once you have your ultimate objective in mind, you will be getting most benefit from modelling work.
Good luck !!