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I finished my under graduation this june 2021. I'm a graduate now. but I really want to learn psychology and make a career out of it. i want to become a counsellor (therapist). which course should i take in order to become a therapist, i mean there are a lots of fields in psychology and i really need help.

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3 answers

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mark’s Answer

Hi Vycesika ,

One of the most important things I think you can do is look for information on various search engines and Professional organizations such as the American Counseling Association and American Psychological Association in order to get a better idea of the wide variety of opportunities from which you can choose. I suggest learning in some detail about areas of counseling that sound most interesting to you, and to keep in mind that if you begin to head down one path and decide it is not the right one for you, be willing to change direction toward things you most like and believe you would be most satisfied doing. Finding an advisor or mentor can be especially valuable to you, as you can draw from their experience and interact with someone who can help guide you further.

Your question is very important to people who are just starting out in any field. Guidance from experienced, trusted others will probably be of great benefit to you. Make certain, though, that you are not overly influenced into choosing paths that do not feel right.

I wish you happiness in your chosen work.

mark recommends the following next steps:

You will need to earn a Master's or Doctorate in order to be aprofessional therapist (there are some exceptions).
Search for graduate programs that specialize in your chosen areas of focus.
Seek a mentor/ advisor.
Talk with people in graduare school in order to get a sense of what it might be like.

this was helpful, thank you so much! vycesika R.

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Michael’s Answer

First you must find the career that you can perform in that will not seem like work! This is called ‘finding your calling’. Once you find the position that you will associate with your calling not your job, you’ve found your career! I have a masters degree in professional counseling! I worked in the field of methadone maintenance for 21 years and not one day did it feel like work. I combined my home, street, church, military and school knowledge and found my love career. School basically teaches theory to your profession! Internships allows you to test the waters before making your final choice! All of your upbringing and knowledge of people help you determine what groups you will be best suited to work with! If it feels pressured move on and keep moving up! Congratulations on your graduation 👩🏽‍🎓…

thank you so much, and I am glad that you found your love career. vycesika R.

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Ebony’s, Team Answer

I am working on my MA in Psychology: Clinical Counseling. In order to become a therapist here in the states we need a Masters Degree and then we need to complete whats called trainee hours. After all that we can apply to become a licensed therapist. I tell you that becuase for us the process is largely governed by the state we live/plan to counsel in. It will be important for you to google the licensing process where you live. Once you've done that, check for the degrees that are required. There are several steps here in the US but it may look different where you are.

I've noted some steps below for you to consider. Hopefully, you find them helpful.

You can do this

Ebony, Team recommends the following next steps:

Google Therapist Licensing Requirements
Check to see which degrees are required
Determine if the schools near you offer that program
If so, speak to an admissions counselor or advisor

Hey Ebony. I am a great fan of this site. Kikanza Nuri-Robins

thank you! vycesika R.

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