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Kaitlyn Oct 17 92 views

What are the challenges of working to get a master's degree?

Hi! I'm thinking about if I want to earn a master's degree in psychology so that I can get the most successful job in the future. I'm worried that working to get a master's degree might be too overwhelming and time consuming. However, I feel that a master's degree will be worth it in the long...

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Missy Aug 07 259 views

What is it like to be a licensed professional counselor (LPC) or a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT)?

What is it like to be a licensed professional counselor (LPC)? Any advice on the career? Is it a rewarding job? Do you get burnout from hearing other people's problems?

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Jewel Aug 10 139 views

Can I Do It All?

I have been a hairstylist for 20 yrs or more. I feel burnt out I started a nonprofit to give back to the single mothers with low income. I will rehab rundown houses in the redline neighborhoods make it affordable housing for single mothers with educational workshops, consulting and career...

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Nataly Jul 13 203 views

Careers for major in psychology

I’m a first generation college student. I want a career in clinical psychology. I want to apply to Psyd programs. How can I better prepare myself for the application process? What career advice would you give a future psychologist? Do you have any resources that help with the application...

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Adele Apr 12 164 views

I have a Bed (foundation phase) and am in my final year of BA Phycological counselling . Is there a course that I can do to bring the 2 together as a career?

My dream is to be able to work with a child holistically. I was thinking to do a course in play therapy to bring the two degree together. Any ideas on to put the two together as a career? E.g. I want 1 thing that covers both. To put both degrees on a business card does not explain what it is...

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Eboni Feb 04 236 views

How can college student support programs adapt to overcome the changes of the pandemic?

As we are in a pandemic, students who are still enrolled are in need of support now more than ever. Support programs need to reach out and help as many students as they can beyond their offices. #studentsupport #counseling #academicadvice

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Andres Dec 09, 2021 208 views

How does an ametuer with an interest in behavioral health join or learn more intimately in a firm that provides such services?

#career-counseling #psychology

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Teriyana Nov 26, 2021 303 views

How can I combine therapy and acting/film-making as a career?

I am unsure of how I can pursue a career in acting and becoming a therapist. Do you think pursuing a Masters degree in Drama Therapy can combine the two? The goal: I want to work as a LMFT while making movies about mental health. Any ideas or suggestions? #therapist #therapy #acting # #career...

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Darren Nov 08, 2021 308 views

What do Kinesiology majors learn and do?

I'm interested in majoring in Kinesiology. I heard it's a great stepping stone for other careers. I want to learn more about what kinesiology students study and learn. Is it a difficult major and what types of careers can come out of a degree in kinesiology? #college-major #major #college...

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Gianna Oct 05, 2021 416 views

what is the best job in the business major? what are some internship for business/accounting majors?

#business #accounting #college-major #internship

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DeBond Oct 05, 2021 235 views

What is the best way to figure out which colleges have abroad-study course for the major that I wish to pursue?

I have a hard time finding schools that will show me their abroad study opportunities . Am I looking at the wrong place or is there a better place to find these things other than the school's official website? #college-major #help

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vycesika Aug 25, 2021 344 views

I finished my under graduation this june 2021. I'm a graduate now. but I really want to learn psychology and make a career out of it. i want to become a counsellor (therapist). which course should i take in order to become a therapist, i mean there are a lots of fields in psychology and i really need help.

#psychology #career #counseling #clinical-psychology #therapy

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Skyleen Jun 29, 2021 280 views

What college classes/degrees do I need to be/earn in order to become a Youth Therapist?

I’m in 11th grade and want to start planning ahead for college. #student #college #psychology #academic-advising

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Da'Nita Jul 06, 2021 326 views

Is this realistic?

I want to make a business. I want to work with children, teens and animals. It will be like a mental and physical therapy. The children will get help with life. Like emotional, mental, physical support or with life, school and family. The animals will be rescued and fixed up. The children and...

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ataberdi Jun 26, 2021 243 views

are we allowed to select 2 majors at community colleges? if yes, should we.

#college-major I am a student and i am interested in design esp. fashion, industrial, animation design and business. i want complete community college in LA then i want to complete my bachelors and maybe masters in NEW YORK. i want to study 2 majors , if possible 1 minor in a community college.