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What are some colleges that are a good fit for a degree in developmental psychology?

I am a junior in high school and college scouting, but psychology is a degree offered in almost every college and I wanted to know what colleges around Iowa or in the Midwest (but also in the U.S. as a whole) have the best psychology degrees for my focused career.
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Jason’s Answer

as the other writer stated, good fit is up to you. Write out what would make you the most comfortable. Luckily it sounds like you have an idea as to what you want to do for a career. The other positive aspect is that in all likelihood, you're going to pursue a graduate degree, or you are interested in becoming a teacher. If those are the cases, most schools are going to be fine for the educational component. Just make sure there is a specific major in developmental psych, that may be tougher to find. Graduate school will be an area of specialization, usually.
Again, there are career paths at the undergraduate level with dev psych driving it like child life specialist, teacher, early education areas. If that's the case then a more focused search. But if its the filed of psychology, then spend your time focusing on what will make you the most successful student you can be, and go there. Graduate school is where you can knock it home. Good luck