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Chastity’s Avatar
Chastity Jan 28, 2023 625 views

My school offers college credit courses like Math 110 and Math 111 (general and stats) but also offers non-ap classes like pre-calc and calc. Which math classes should I take if I am pursuing a psychology under-grad (psychiatry end goal)?

I am in the 10th grade and have taken geometry and algebra II/trigonometry already. Next year I will have the option to take college credit courses.

Terinn’s Avatar
Terinn Dec 09, 2022 524 views

What is the best way to become a Psychiatrist, Is there only one route? What AP courses should you take in high school to become one and what is the best path?

I am a junior in high school struggling with course selection.

Mayte’s Avatar
Mayte Dec 13, 2022 497 views

What classes can i take right now to learn more abt psychology?

Whats some information about being a psychologist and help people with there mental health?

What is the starting salary for psychology?

what are some things that you dislike or like about being a psychologist?

Kabba’s Avatar
Kabba Dec 09, 2022 823 views

What are some legitimate websites to look for internships?

What are some websites to look for internships that are legit?

Maddie’s Avatar
Maddie Sep 21, 2021 546 views

What are some colleges that are a good fit for a degree in developmental psychology?

I am a junior in high school and college scouting, but psychology is a degree offered in almost every college and I wanted to know what colleges around Iowa or in the Midwest (but also in the U.S. as a whole) have the best psychology degrees for my focused career.
#college #student #psychology