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How difficult is getting into the film industry?

I'm in 9th grade and I am interested in the film industry. I like movies and photography.
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2 answers

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Leland’s Answer

There are many people who love movies and photography. So what separates those who love something and those do something? Dedication and luck.

The dedication comes in because as a filmmaker, you will have to forge our own path. Having worked with literally hundreds if not thousands of people in the industry over my career, I can say that there is no one guaranteed path to joining and staying in the industry. Don't expect to become rich or even have steady employment. Many people working on films do so project-to-project, working long and irregular hours. If these types of factors don't deter you, then you just might have the dedication you need to be a filmmaker.

Because there are no guarantees of employment, that's where the luck comes in. There are ways to increase your chances by taking classes, volunteering, and being in a location where there are more opportunities in the field . It's definitely an industry where WHO you know is as critical as WHAT you know, so you will need to constantly put yourself out there in the hopes of making connections.

So what can you do now? Create your own content, knowing full well that it will cost you time and maybe even money and few people may ever see it. Find others to collaborate with to create content. Share that content with others and use any feedback you get to improve your craft. As you create content, you will discover what you're good and what you like as there are many roles to play in the making of a film. Pinpoint those skills and research how you can develop those skills further.
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Vivian’s Answer

I heard that the film industry is pretty hard to get into which is why creators often tend to apply to certain companies or groups in order to gain a pathway. I would say try to apply to some college summer programs to gain more experience in the film industry! I was visiting UCLA over the summer and saw an acting group of students, so there might be programs with film for you to apply to! Definitely start a portfolio of pictures and things you film so it will be easier for you to get into the film industry later! Good luck!