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how to understande the marketing

I am studying marking and business in high school business-management marketing

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4 answers

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Anny’s Answer

Hi, Alex
Marketing is an interesting field. The aspect of marketing that is likely the most familiar to most people is the communications part. That could be communicating the product/service in advertisements, on social (ex. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube), as sponsorships (ex. sports), through events, or through public relations, just to name a few. In these communications, the marketer highlights the benefit of the product/service and the value it brings to users.

In addition to communicating the product/service, the marketer is responsible for ensuring that the product has the features and benefits that customers are seeking. This involves a lot of market research to understand how people think and how the product/service will fit in their lives.

The marketer is also responsible for setting the suggested price of the product. There are many factors a marketer may consider when setting the price. They may include: Will the product make enough money to pay for its costs? Can the customer afford the price? What is the competition charging? What would the alternative costs?

Finally, the marketer needs to make sure that the product/service is widely available to be purchased. So they need to make sure that it is sold at where customers expect to buy it. That could mean a grocery store (ex. cereal) or a garage (ex. tire) or a gym (ex. sports drinks) or even online (ex. smartphone).

I hope your marketing and business courses are interesting and that you are inspired to enter this field in your future. Good luck to you.
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Toby’s Answer

There are many different forms of marketing, one of the best strategies I ever heard is from a friend of mine is W.O.W strategy. breaks it down very simple to find your target audience the way you're going to present the product or service and the irresistible offer.
What type of marketing are you interested in there is print marketing, advertising, social media, on the web, email, Direct Mail, and traditional. To understand all these is to go back understand your product or service who you are going to Target, what demographic, age group, region, and lifestyle. Many different things that come into play but once you understand your direction then you can understand what type of marketing.
Just remember to be successful in marketing your advertising needs to be ackonwledge, remembered and acted upon. Good luck to you.
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Ryan’s Answer

Hi Alex,

Marketing has many different aspects to it. As you explore you may find you like some, and others not as much. Some examples are communications, content, digital marketing, traditional media marketing, etc. Some areas rely heavily on the creative side, others are big on messaging and writing, then there is the whole analytics and data side, and so on.

The overall point here is that I would recommend researching more about the niche marketing fields and find the one(s) that speak most to you. Personally, I broke through on the digital side (PPC & SEO) and have now found my way over to the content marketing side because writing has always been more of my calling. I would start by exploring and then worry about getting better once you know what field you want to be in.

Best of luck!

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Clarissa’s Answer

I would recommend reading up on books in Marketing to gain basic concepts of Marketing. You may wish to look up books by Philip Kotler, who is known to be the Father of Marketing. I am not sure about your curriculum, if you could work on a Marketing Project with your school, it may also add a different level of understanding or appreciation of a certain aspect of Marketing.