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Would it be a good idea to hire a person to help me create a logo for my business before I get it started?

I am wandering If I should create a logo before i create my business so i can get more clients. #business #business-management #marketing

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7 answers

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Dexter’s Answer

Hi John,

I think it depends on the business. What area are you starting your business in?

I feel that for most businesses, logos aren't as important as setting up the business itself, making people connections, and creating a good business model. I think this way because I'm not sure a better logo will allow you to get more business. When you start your business, people won't primarily connect with your business through the company's logo, typography, and design. Rather it'll be through you, so I would focus on you and the business itself.

Sitting in my chair, the only business that I think needs a killer logo is a design firm, and for a design firm, they would create their own logo, to communicate their design aesthetic.

Regardless of what you decide, I wish you the best of luck in your business venture!


Im starting a business in Event Menu Consultation. John S.

Hey John, Yeah, so given that it's a design business, a killer logo will go a long way. I guess you can ignore most of my answer above. :) -- Dexter Dexter Arver

Having a logo to hit the ground running is a great idea. When choosing make sure it is a logo that reflects your own brand, make it easy to connect the logo with your business type. Be creative a stand out logo will help you be a top of mind choice for customers. Good Luck Laurie Guy

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Mitch’s Answer

I agree with the responders before me - when I think of starting a business, I first would want to get a solid business plan, make sure I understand the industry, and have a proof of concept before proceeding. If you have already done those things then I think a logo would be a consideration, but is not the most important consideration - I doubt your logo will make your business sink or swim, whereas something like your product/service differentiators would.

There are plenty of free online options - just type in "free logo maker" to google. I usually use logomakr.com myself. You can use one of these to at least a preliminary logo, then you can always hire someone to improve it later.

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David’s Answer

I would say depend on what your business is and do you really need a logo or trademark (TM) for this business. If your planning business will reach to franchising then yes you would have to create a logo. But should you hire someone to create a logo, it is all depend if this is a short term or a forever us business logo you will be carrying on from one to another. You can take a look into different logo designer company to modify for you if you have an idea already plan out.

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Brittany’s Answer

Not necessarily. If you can use something like Canva or Adobe Spark to create something clean and simple, that's usually best to get a "proof of concept" for your business. You don't want to invest too much in your business until you're sure of the idea and that it will be able to generate revenue, so I would recommend not spending money on a logo.

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Charles’s Answer

Yes is the simple answer. If you connect with a service like fiverr you can find experts who design logos with 5-star ratings. Most can be hired for under $100 and the really good ones will ask you questions about you business to help define a great logo.
My advice keep it simple two or three colors - something that you can show consistently and print on other items without having problems.

Charles recommends the following next steps:


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SJ’s Answer

Check out services such as fiverr or 99designs. Low cost way to get a logo designed.

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Sara’s Answer

I think to save money in the beginning I would create my own logo. It doesn't have to be the logo you stick with forever! You can change and develop just like your company would. I've made several logos just using power point or keynote. If you need help see if a family member or friend would be willing to help.