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John Mar 30, 2020 566 views

Would it be a good idea to hire a person to help me create a logo for my business before I get it started?

I am wandering If I should create a logo before i create my business so i can get more clients. #business #business-management #marketing

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John Mar 22, 2020 338 views

How do I create a client contract form?

I am wandering how I should create my client contract form for when I get clients for my hobby-like business(when i do get it started). #small-business #business #marketing #entrepreneur #business-management

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John Mar 18, 2020 376 views

How can I start my own small hobby-like business at 15?

I am wanting to start my own business as a hobby-like business and then see where it goes from there. How can I do that? #business-management #business #small-business