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How do I create a client contract form?

I am wandering how I should create my client contract form for when I get clients for my hobby-like business(when i do get it started). small-business business marketing entrepreneur business-management

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4 answers

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Natasha’s Answer

Hi John,
A great place to start is your local business resource center, such as SCORE. They can talk you through the steps of what you need to think about including in a contract - based on the service you'll offer - as well as provide you with sample contracts and legal advice.

As a business owner, I've learned your contracts will get better and better the longer you're in business. You'll gain experience and learn what you like to offer versus what you don't want to include in a contract. You'll learn what works best for you. Until then, get some free guidance from a place like SCORE, or their umbrella company the Small Business Association. That way, you'll get a basic contract to cover yourself and your work.

Also, many local universities and state colleges offer free services for local small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Good luck and rock your day!

Natasha recommends the following next steps:

Contact your local SCORE office.
Look into local state colleges and universities to see if they offer free small business services.

Nice feedback 👍🏻 Adela Jamal

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Kim’s Answer

Ideally, you would meet with an attorney, so they could draft a form for you. However, most of us starting small business operations cannot afford to do that. So, oftentimes, we Google something like "free on-line legal contract forms for Missouri." The problem is there are just so many different things you are trying to include in the contract, to protect both you and the client.

Hypothetical: suppose you are making clay sculpture. You and the client agree on the design. You require 50% deposit up front. Client pays. You complete the project. Client says they changed their mind, and no longer want it. (just one of many things that could happen).

I think the forms you will find on-line will be enough to get you started, but remember, there is no substitute for solid legal advice!
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Brittany’s Answer

You can use a program like Legal Zoom or Rocket Lawyer, but I definitely recommend trying to find something free online first.
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Junnie’s Answer

Dear John,

Contract might be a harsh word sometimes, especially for a small business, might scared aways some clients.

I suggest to put it in a softer way, a proposal or and agreement; a document that capture your clients requests so there will not be any miscommunications.

Legally, any signed documents by both parties, can be considered as an agreement/ a contract.

So if you are starting a small business, create a fun document with your business name or log if you have one; listing the details for specific made to order items; measurements, color, cost, hours or labor, project due dates and etc. At the end on the document, made a column for your client to endorsed the document along with their name and contact informations.

And ... absolutely agree with Kim's advise above, have 50% of a down payment as well; and also state how long after they receive your items, they should pay you fully.

Learn how to create an invoice for before hand after. You can easily find all these information online.