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What is the best way to figure out which colleges have abroad-study course for the major that I wish to pursue?

I have a hard time finding schools that will show me their abroad study opportunities . Am I looking at the wrong place or is there a better place to find these things other than the school's official website? college-major help

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2 answers

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Maeve’s, Team Answer

Hi Debond! If studying abroad is a big part of a university's culture, it should be easy to find resources on their website. For example, where I went to school the majority of students did one semester or one summer course abroad, so all information about courses you can take and transferring credits was easily accessible on my school's website. There was even a whole team and house on campus dedicated to guiding students through the study abroad process. They really advertised this to students interested in applying.

However, I am sure some schools are a little different in that it is not as much a part of the student culture to study somewhere else for a period of time. If you are having trouble finding any information about study abroad on a school's website, I would email or call the admissions office and ask 1) what percentage of students study abroad and 2) what resources are available for students who want to study abroad. Their answer about percentage of students who study abroad will give you a solid idea of whether it is part of their culture (if majority of students choose to go abroad then most likely the process of transferring credits for any major is easy). Their availability of resources to help guide students through the process will also be telling of how open these opportunities are at that university.

I hope this was helpful!! Studying abroad is such a wonderful experience, and I think it is great that you have the foresight to be thinking strategically about this as you weigh your college options!
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Ebony’s, Team Answer

Hi DeBond,

Great question. If I am understanding your question properly (feel free to correct me if I'm not) you're interested in studying abroad when you enter into college and having difficulty locating information on their study abroad programs.

You're right. This information isn't always easy to find. Below are some steps that may help your hunt.

However, if you are searching any CSUs or UCs copy and paste the link below to search their programs.



You got this!!

Ebony, Team recommends the following next steps:

1. Create a list of your top five schools you'd be interested in attending. Remember to make sure they all measure up to all of your other needs/wants.
2. Go directly to each school's website and complete a word search for Study Abroad or Exchange programs