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What classes you should take in high school if you want to become a civil engineer?

I am a senior in high school. I want know what classes would help me to become a civil engineer. civil-engineering engineer

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2 answers

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Drew’s Answer

Nazareth, As a senior you should be applying to engineering schools. Taking all the math and science you can in high school will be a benefit. However, there are not many options left for seniors to choose from. If you don't get accepted on your first application, I recommend you go to college and take math and science courses. When I started college, after some time in the Navy, I majored in Political Science for about two years and had really good grades. That has been a real benefit over the years. I was 27 when I decided to go to engineering school. The dean of the engineering school called me in when I applied and explained the state law required he accept anyone who graduated from a state high school. Otherwise, he wouldn't accept my application. That was in Kentucky and probably not so in any other state. Through bull-headed determination, I earned my BS and Master of Engineering. Forty years later I'm having the time of my life as an engineer in private practice. It has been well worth the effort.

Drew recommends the following next steps:

Apply to an engineering college that is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).
Learn the difference between engineering and engineering technology, and keep that in mind when choosing schools and a career.

Thank you so much for spending your presious time answering my question Mr. Drew I really appreciate it! and it was very helpful too Nazareth G.

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David’s Answer

Nazareth, Yes, as for classes, get all the math & science you can. As a civil engineer you will be involved in solving problems by building things, so I also recommend participating with organizations which build things like Habitat for Humanity. This can provide practical, hands-on experience with foundations, framing, and utilites - all things that civil engineers get involved with, though usually on a larger scale. Good luck!

Thank you so much David, I really appreciate it!! Nazareth G.