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Drew Peake, MSME, M.Eng., MBA, PE, FNAFE, DEE, CIH, CSP’s Avatar

Drew Peake, MSME, M.Eng., MBA, PE, FNAFE, DEE, CIH, CSP

Forensic Engineer: Health, Safety, Environment
Marietta, Georgia
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Drew’s Avatar
Drew Jun 30 169 views

What steps to take during undergrad to succeed in med school applications later?

I am a new college freshman and am fairly certain about going to medical school. I need tips on what to do now to make applications easier down the line.

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 29 186 views

What soft skills/demeanors, unrelated to engineering education, are often extremely valuable as an engineer? ?

Note: this is part of our professionals series where volunteers share questions they wish they saw on the platform

bETHELEM’s Avatar
bETHELEM Jun 30 812 views

how, can I combine my physics degree with computer science?

Hello, I have a degree in applied physics now I wanted to specialize my knowledge in computer science. I have had a huge interest in IT since I was in high school. now I got the opportunity to study for my masters in the USA. but in my visa interview, I think I couldn't convince them or show...

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Jun 30 125 views

What school can I go to , to become an engineer in robotics ?

Where can I get the best training in becoming an engineer?

Enrique’s Avatar
Enrique Mar 20 340 views

What college major should I choose if I'm interest at engineering?

What college major should I choose if I'm interest at engineering?

Evan’s Avatar
Evan Mar 02 256 views

What type of degree should I look for if I plan on becoming a chemical engineer?

Or any other chemistry-based career.

Steven’s Avatar
Steven Feb 27 202 views

Hey engineers and physicist, and software developers, do you enjoy your job daily?

What do you love about your job and what is your daily routine in the job, do you like what you are doing everyday?

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Feb 16 123 views

I wanna learn how to do more then one engineer course and know more then what i know now?

how many classes are there for engineering?

frank’s Avatar
frank Oct 04, 2022 302 views

How do i make big bills(a lot of money)?

I just wanna make a lot of money so i can be rich. I wanna be able to not worry about anything financial and go places. I wanna be an architect mainly.

Holden’s Avatar
Holden Oct 04, 2022 332 views

What steps should I take to broaden my opprotunities for a possible career?

Should I think about enrolling in college classes? Should I also think about doing trade school, or is it all based on what i want to do for a career? What should i do if i dont exactly know what to do?

Darin’s Avatar
Darin Sep 16, 2022 284 views

Is there anyway to get into the engineering field without college?

To be more exact I am talking about being able to test and develop computer hardware. I assume if you simply learned enough about parts of technology, you could just start a repair business or create a YouTube channel.

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Sep 11, 2022 249 views

Any one from the states, wanna know how it is like to be an engineer there, getting employed and stuffs?

The salary rate, how scarce are engineers, or they are in abundance.

oriana’s Avatar
oriana May 31, 2022 431 views

What goal are you most proud of that you have accomplished in your work career?

What steps did you take to complete this goal?
What was some obstacles that you've faced while attempting to complete this goal ?
How did you feel after achieving this goal?

Gerald’s Avatar
Gerald May 17, 2022 611 views

If I was undecided on what engineering profession to pursue, what engineering field you'll recommend for me to study?

I want to make sure that I choose the best engineering profession for me, but also learn how to choose the best profession.

Mason’s Avatar
Mason May 04, 2022 816 views

1) What does a mechanical engineer's work hours look like?

2) Is it easy to get a job right out of college?
3) What is the starting pay like?
4) What different types of jobs reside inside this degree?
5) Is there a lot of stress in this job?