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Gerardo G. May 24, 2016 466 views

As a future Civil Engineer, what area should civil engineers pay greater attention to, aesthetics or functionality? why?

As I prepare to transfer to the University of Texas at San Antonio and get ready to finally begin taking classes with regard to my major, I wonder if aesthetics is as important as functionality is on a project. Since Civil Engineering deals with the design and maintenance of the naturally built...

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Matthew A. May 26, 2017 604 views

In the US, what is the real difference between an MD and DO?

I'm a first year pre-med student, and with all of the college health advising, most focus on the path to becoming an MD and for some reason the path to becoming a DO is not often looked at. On a more superficial side, I understand that its easier to get into a DO program than an MD program and...

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Chinedu E. Sep 01, 2017 851 views

Standing out in the Mechanical Engineering field?

I've been introduced to a lot of mechanical engineers and none of them have done anything real spectacular like owning a business or something of that sort, they've all just worked for good companies. What should I look towards in order to be a boss in a big company or just make a lot of money...

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Abby C. Jan 03, 2018 586 views

I am in the 7th grade and I am juts beginning to explore my future career, if I want to be an engineer, what are steps I can take to get to to being a engineer, and how can I decide what kind of engineer I want to be?

At school, I am most interested in math, I enjoy S.T.E.A.M especially when we are learning how to build things. I don't know which college I should go to or what kind of engineer I should be. I like building things like bridges, mini rockets, and small machines. #career #careerchoice...

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Brandy J. Jan 18, 2018 268 views

I would like to know will there be jobs available to teach mathematics at the community college level when I graduate in 2022?

I always think that there are lots of job openings for teaching math; but, I don't want to make an assumption based on false information....


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Justin E. Jul 09, 2018 534 views

Is it wiser to major in Aerospace Engineering or Software Engineering?

I have a great desire to become an aerospace engineer when I leave college. However, I know that software engineering has a better job outlook. Should I still major in Aerospace Engineering in college even if job availability for that field is not as promising as software engineering? #software...

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Juan G. Jul 20, 2018 260 views

How did you decide to be in your specific feild as an engineer?

I know there are many options in being an engineer however i'm one of those people that are still confused on what i'll want to major in. I don't have a clear mind on what I want to be. #engineer...


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Shaheer M. Sep 27, 2018 379 views

Is taking a communications class necessary to excelling as an engineer in the work force?

I have to choose between taking or testing out of an oral communications class. Should I do it? #engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineering #robotics...


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Ellie Z. Jan 18 153 views

How much math is really involved in engineering?

I suck at math but all I can imagine myself doing is being an engineer. I want to do enviornmental (which is like civil) #engineering...

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Ellie Z. Jan 18 325 views

When did you know what you really wanted to be?

I think I want to be an engineer but im not completely sure. How will I know if ths job is right for me?...


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Jared H. Apr 22 165 views

What does a day in the life of an engineer look like?

I have always been passionate about engineering, but I want to see if the daily work done by an engineer would match my personalities and strengths. #engineering #engineer...


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Ashley T. May 19 192 views

Is it possible for someone without an engineering bachelors degree to go to grad school for engineering?

At the time I applied for college I was interested in Comp Sci so I entered school as a Math - CS major (about to end my first year). After seeing career fairs, I feel like mechanical engineering seems much more interesting and fun but my GPA is not high enough to switch majors (the cutoff is...

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Iqra T. Jul 17 139 views

Are you satisfied with your job? Is there anything you would change about it?

I'm just curious to see if the hours/pay/lifestyle is what you anticipated and whether or not you like it. #jobs #agriculture #doctor #orthodontics #general #career #business #dentist # #surgeon #teacher #engineer #lawyer #politician...