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Drew Peake, MSME, M.Eng., MBA, PE, FNAFE, DEE, CIH, CSP’s Avatar

Drew Peake, MSME, M.Eng., MBA, PE, FNAFE, DEE, CIH, CSP

Forensic Engineer: Health, Safety, Environment
Legal Services
Marietta, Georgia
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frank’s Avatar
frank Oct 04, 2022 217 views

How do i make big bills(a lot of money)?

I just wanna make a lot of money so i can be rich. I wanna be able to not worry about anything financial and go places. I wanna be an architect mainly.

Holden’s Avatar
Holden Oct 04, 2022 223 views

What steps should I take to broaden my opprotunities for a possible career?

Should I think about enrolling in college classes? Should I also think about doing trade school, or is it all based on what i want to do for a career? What should i do if i dont exactly know what to do?

Darin’s Avatar
Darin Sep 16, 2022 165 views

Is there anyway to get into the engineering field without college?

To be more exact I am talking about being able to test and develop computer hardware. I assume if you simply learned enough about parts of technology, you could just start a repair business or create a YouTube channel.

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Sep 11, 2022 168 views

Any one from the states, wanna know how it is like to be an engineer there, getting employed and stuffs?

The salary rate, how scarce are engineers, or they are in abundance.

oriana’s Avatar
oriana May 31, 2022 204 views

What goal are you most proud of that you have accomplished in your work career?

What steps did you take to complete this goal?
What was some obstacles that you've faced while attempting to complete this goal ?
How did you feel after achieving this goal?

Gerald’s Avatar
Gerald May 17, 2022 365 views

If I was undecided on what engineering profession to pursue, what engineering field you'll recommend for me to study?

I want to make sure that I choose the best engineering profession for me, but also learn how to choose the best profession.

Mason’s Avatar
Mason May 04, 2022 386 views

1) What does a mechanical engineer's work hours look like?

2) Is it easy to get a job right out of college?
3) What is the starting pay like?
4) What different types of jobs reside inside this degree?
5) Is there a lot of stress in this job?

Luis’s Avatar
Luis Apr 27, 2022 259 views

I am a student at Job Corps in El Paso, I am 16 , and I wanted to ask if going for a Doctoral Degree to become a Marine Architect was a better option than getting my Bachelors Degree and become a Wind Energy Engineer?.

I have had this thought for a while and if someone could guide me, or help me it would be really appreciated.

Billy’s Avatar
Billy Jan 24, 2022 330 views

What colleges are good for engineers?

What colleges are good for engineers? #engineer

Jabari’s Avatar
Jabari Dec 10, 2021 472 views

How difficult are overall engineering classes in college

#engineering #engineer #college #career

Lera’s Avatar
Lera Nov 29, 2021 448 views

What is the most challenging part of being a mechanical engineer?

#engineering #mechanical-engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineer #mechanical

Lera’s Avatar
Lera Nov 29, 2021 435 views

What is your biggest regret as a mechanical engineer?

#mechanical-engineering #engineering #mechanical-engineer #engineer #aerospace-engineering

Jabari’s Avatar
Jabari Nov 04, 2021 333 views

How hard is mechanical engineering

#engineer #mechanical-engineering #engineering

Frankie’s Avatar
Frankie Oct 15, 2021 324 views

What classes do I take if I want to be a mechanical engineer?

I am still in highschool. I just want to know what future classes I might take. #engineer #engineering

Nazareth’s Avatar
Nazareth Oct 05, 2021 266 views

What classes you should take in high school if you want to become a civil engineer?

I am a senior in high school. I want know what classes would help me to become a civil engineer. #civil-engineering #engineer