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Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana
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Kennedy Jan 07, 2023 315 views

Hey...I am really interested in Mechanical engineering and would love to further my education in the States or UK. I am in a different country though. Financial factors dont support this decision of mine. Cant give up though. I will complete high school this Year. I want to know if there is any scholarship institution that can help me or help from elsewhere. Im 17

I am academically sound by Grace.

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Kennedy Dec 29, 2022 468 views

I am in my final year in High School, I want to read Mechanical engineering at the tertiary level, but, im always hunted with this thought, 'what if im not able to help in solving problems practically, like making a new engine for smtn, what if im not able to transfer the theories to reality rendering me worthless..' this thought is dimming my aspirations mentally, please help?

I am so confused about my next step

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Kennedy Sep 11, 2022 329 views

Any one from the states, wanna know how it is like to be an engineer there, getting employed and stuffs?

The salary rate, how scarce are engineers, or they are in abundance.