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What are some steps I can take to ensure that majoring in Computer Science is right for me?

I have encountered coding since middle school, and was interested in it ever since. However, I am currently taking AP Computer Science A right now in high school, and the class is somewhat a little challenging. That made me doubt if it is fit for me to major Computer Science because it will be even more challenging and competitive in college. computer-science college choosing-major

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4 answers

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Vivan’s Answer

AP Computer Science A is a very though class for most high school seniors. Did you by any chance have the opportunity to take AP Computer Science Principles before this class. If not it would have been even more difficult for you. The true test is whether you enjoy it even though it is difficult and even if you have to put in an extra effort. I know students who found this class to be a tough class where they did not get an A but did go on to study computer science in college and do well. It is important to remember that all college computer science programs are also not equal and that they are more challenging at some competitive schools vs. others. Good luck.
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Mark’s Answer

In college you'll find your coursework is sometimes interesting to you and sometimes not. You'll likely have to take courses that don't interest you in order to get your degree. Not all computer science courses are about coding. Some are about the theory of computer science, you'll likely have to take some higher level math courses as well. Networking classes are common in comp sci degrees but aren't necessarily related to programming. You'll likely have to take advanced physics as well. Some of these are just courses that are expected of a "well rounded" engineering major and at many top schools computer science is in the school of engineering.
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Rebecca’s Answer

I believe the colleges would provide some course details and also hosts some information sessions when opening for admission. I recommend you to read through the course information in details and join tis information sessions. After the session, if you have a chance, you can discuss with the professors or the existing to acquire better understanding.
On the other hand, if you know someone who is working or studying the subject, I would encourage you to speak to them as well.
Furthermore, you can also seek advice from the career counselor in your school .
If you are interested in the subject and you have an offer from the college, don't worry too much! Let's try first. You can still consider to change if you find this is not suitable to you.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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Thomas’s Answer


I would recommend trying out some 'challenge problems' and seeing if you like doing things like that. Sometimes class can get pretty boring/confusing/deviate from what a computer science job actually looks like. I've found that the challenge problems are much closer to what a job in computer science actually looks like. Hopefully this helps, but sometimes it is hard to know what you want to do for a job before going to college.