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Cooper B.’s Avatar
Cooper B. Oct 23, 2015 1132 views

What is the best way to get into Microsoft software development team?

Hi my name is cooper I am in sixth grade and my dream job is Microsoft software development team and I have a few questions. What degree is the best to get into Microsoft because I know a lot of people apply, and what do I need to do to start getting ready, I have all ready been programming...

software microsoft

Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Aug 09, 2016 796 views
Audrey P.’s Avatar
Audrey P. Jun 18, 2020 1006 views

I am 15 years old and I feel like I should have some idea of what I should do or be in the future. I feel like I am not good at anything. Any ideas on how I should figure out?

I am 15, I make good grades (4.6 gpa), im in all honors and AP courses, im athletic, im tall and skinny, i play travel sports all year round, I was a spirit leader last year, im full of energy, i have adhd, i am nervous about presenting in large crowds but i can talk to large crowds, i take...

fashion medicine sports-management travel future college unsure chef technology art

Olivia D.’s Avatar
Olivia D. Nov 18, 2020 418 views

What is your best advice for minimizing student debt going into college?

I am currently a junior in high school. This is around the time when I am doing more research on colleges and solidifying my list for visits in the coming months and applications in senior year. GivingisCaring college university...


Nyla B.’s Avatar
Nyla B. Nov 18, 2020 1621 views

What are some pros and cons about being a software engineer?

I am a senior in high school and I am interested in the technology field. I have been thinking about getting a degree in computer science and I just want to see what I might be getting into. givingiscaring....


Kennedee B.’s Avatar
Kennedee B. Nov 19, 2020 252 views

How can I manage money better as a student?

I have always been about savings, but it seems harder now that I have more things to pay out-of-pocket....


Hanan M.’s Avatar
Hanan M. Nov 19, 2020 261 views

Is anxiety during medical processes normal?

Doctors often have to do invasive procedures such as surgery, which can be bloody and unsettling. how do pre-medical students/residents get used to the feeling of doing these types of invasive procedures? GivingisCaring medicine college...


Nikolet C.’s Avatar
Nikolet C. Nov 30, 2020 154 views

Do I really know what I want to do?

I’m scared I might change my decision last minute in the later future....


Denis V.’s Avatar
Denis V. Dec 07, 2020 276 views

What is the real life examples of Data Science that you use in your job?

I'm an Information Systems Graduate Student looking for professional advice and examples of usage of Data Science in real life, not University project. networking...


Allison R.’s Avatar
Allison R. Dec 08, 2020 284 views

What are you favorite coping mechanisms for anxiety?

I am a soon to be college undergraduate - graduate! I am majoring in Psychology at CSUMB. I am very interested in cognitive neuroscience, clinical psychology, and forensic psychology. I have aspirations to get my Masters degree as well as a PhD. mental-health-counseling...