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What is the day to day life like of aquatic veterinarain? What do you do? What types of task are you given ? Is it similar to being regular veterinarain, what's different? what's similar?

I am Alay'la Brimage, I go to Cane Bay Highschool. I'm interested in becoming a marine/aquatic veterinarian. I just want to get more information about what it is like, how do you get there, is it fun etc. I like to sing, I love animals, and I really would enjoy helping them. veterinary biology animals aquatics marine-biology marine oceanology

Hello. Try volunteering at the Zoo and/or animal hospital. Book L.

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Julie’s Answer

A marine veterinarian is a licensed medical professional, qualified to diagnose and treat the health conditions of marine creatures, including fish, sea turtles, aquatic birds and mammals & invertebrate species like jellyfish and octopus. Your day could range from giving routine vaccinations, observing and evaluating behavior, conducting follow-up exams after treatment, recommending and distributing prescription medications to treating wounds and performing surgical procedures when necessary.

Aquatic veterinarians may work in private practice, but they most frequently work for aquaculture facilities, aquariums, zoos, museums, and marine parks. They may also choose to operate a mixed practice that includes providing care for other exotic or wildlife species. Aquatic veterinarians may work with animals in large tanks that are outdoors, exposing the veterinarian to varying temperatures and weather conditions. Many aquatic vets have scuba certification and strong swimming skills that allow them to observe and assist animals in their habitats. They may also work with animals in shallow treatment pools and tanks with the assistance of trainers.