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how do i deal with people if i dont like to touch them at all.

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3 answers

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Priya’s Answer

Hi Alex,
Some populations may like more physical touch than others (such as my experience with the elderly population) but you get huggers and you get people who do not really hug. I think some of my in-person clients looked for my cues whether that was okay or not, so you can always get them used to you just waving hi or bye. Or you can let them know ahead of time if it is very difficult, such as "I have difficulty with physical touch, so I will not typically engage in it." Really, it usually comes down to if you are open or not to some kind of physical touch in your practice to comfort people as they indicate (such as platonic hugs, etc, and then you would always ask the client if it is okay, too!), though it does not hurt to be cautious with physical touch to begin with anyways! Since it is your space, you can lay down those boundaries ahead of time. When you take an ethics course, they may guide you well in this matter! If you work in telehealth, you do not have to worry about it at all =)!
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Jason’s Answer

As a counselor there really is no routine situation where you should expect any human contact at all. From the first session, a simple, genuine, and concrete explanation would likely assist. I remember distinctly a person refusing to shake my hand upon meeting me the first time. I was insulted (and young) and eventually a friend at the time explained this was due to religious reasons.
The explanation was all I needed and then I was completely ok with it. If I were someone's client, I believe the explanation is helpful to A: build rapport, B- Displays you as a therapist being genuine, C- sets some ground rules which is important at times for clients.

There are other reasons and you can and should think of more. As an LPC, I see no reason to ever physically touch a client. Some may argue about hugs and handshakes and there are times this is appropriate, however I think you have the right to put it out there. Best of luck regardless of what you do.

An alternative ----distance counseling which is becoming a major industry right now.
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T.’s Answer

Find out if you are getting contacted excessively

A central motivation behind why individuals disdain being contacted is that possibly over-animated.

Find little ways to decide your usual ranges of familiarity.

Chase to comprehend the reason(s)

Figure out what your specific main avenues for affection are.

Figure out how to convey your touch inclinations successfully.

examine your cutoff points

Perceive when compromise simply is preposterous.

And this is the best one!
Search out associations with other people who aren't contact centered