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What should I expect from choosing the IT/tech career path?

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6 answers

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Tim’s Answer

Hi Gabriel,

A career in IT/tech can be rewarding and professionally satisfying. The thing you can pretty much guarantee is that technology will always change, so it's important to be flexible and willing to learn new skills and technologies. There are also a variety of roles within the field, which provides an opportunity for professional growth.
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Jay’s Answer

Hi Gabriel,

Something I always recommend when going into the technology career path is to be as flexible as possible. You need to be ready to learn new things all the time as Information Technology is one of those fields that is constantly changing.

You will most likely not be doing the same exact thing 5 or 10 years later as you may be in many other engineering disciplines. In fact you will most likely be changing up your daily and regular routines every year as the technology landscape shifts and new technologies and applications become popular.

Thankfully there are so many options for staying up to date with technology, including new certifications, technology conventions, seminars, and so many other learning opportunities that exist. If learning new things all the time sounds fun to you, then IT may be a passionate career option for you.
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Tenia’s Answer

Tech jobs often promote innovation and development, encouraging people to think of new things and see new possibilities. Many people enjoy working in tech because they can see the tangible benefits and value of their work.

If you enjoy working with technology and people, a career as an IT technician may be a good fit. This job is exciting as it involves a wide range of duties, including working with new technology and troubleshooting when solving IT-related issues.

Tenia recommends the following next steps:

see if there are any available internships to see if this is something you would enjoy
find mentors who are in this space to pick their brain about a day in the life of a tech job
read books on technology to get different perspectives in different environments
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Rodrigo’s Answer

Gabriel H.

HI, am an engineer and I can tell you is a such amazing career, you may make these activities, adn is very well demand and pay:

-Software development
-IT infrasctructure knowledge
-Maths fields in programming
-Videogames development
-Automation software tools developement
-Working in almost any company in the world
-Data bases knowledge
-Data Science Knowledge
-Fix software

you can expect a lot ot knowledge and cool future things

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Felipe’s Answer

Hi Gabriel, nice to meet you. there is no unique answer because all are different, but my recommendation will be the following.

Look at your strengths and what makes you feel with energy; is creativity? is innovation? is selling? you know what makes you feel incredible. IT career will have your own seal. IT/Tech Career offer infinite opportunities is basically is a fast, fun and incredible fast industry. but to be a success you need to love changes and define your path as soon as possible.
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Steve’s Answer

The IT/tech career is an ambiguous role.

Strategic planning electronics is the tech career.
Developing electronics is the tech career.
Validating electronics is the tech career.
Open-box and reviewing are also the tech career.

Fixing computers is the IT career.
Building a network is the IT career.

Too many options you can have, so it's worth the time to think about it.