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Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
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Praise Apr 13, 2022 446 views

I am trying to switch careers into marketing but haven't been having a lot of success job searching and interviewing. How would you advice i go about it.

I'm currently a data analyst looking to go into marketing.

fernanda’s Avatar
fernanda Apr 14, 2022 4363 views

what is favorite thing about working for the company

example what are some of the thing you like orenjoy about the company ?

fernanda’s Avatar
fernanda Apr 14, 2022 566 views

what are the most challenging aspects of the job ?

what are something that make it less easy or complicated at work .

fernanda’s Avatar
fernanda Apr 14, 2022 362 views

what are you looking for in a candidate?

what are some of the things you expect for the candidate to able to do .

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Apr 14, 2022 523 views

Finding a remote position

How can I find a fully remote position in technology?

Myles’s Avatar
Myles Apr 16, 2022 604 views

What makes a good team in software development?

More specifically, what are some good qualities that you have noticed from team members that get a good team going? Humor, flow, just anything in general that you have noticed help bring a team together to be more enjoyable & productive, specifically in computer science.

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Mar 18, 2019 318 views

what is the hardest thing in auto motive

Auto body and repair #college

Josiah’s Avatar
Josiah Aug 04, 2021 416 views

I am interested in possibly pursuing a career in painting. ANd I was curious on how that profession might change your life? Or how has it been different since going into that field?

#Painting #Life-Changes #career

jesus’s Avatar
jesus Aug 31, 2021 390 views

How heavy is the job of an automotive technician

I plan to work on this in the future and I just want to know .
#job #career

Yazmaine’s Avatar
Yazmaine Sep 01, 2021 431 views

As a genetic counselor what are some things you wish someone told you before pursuing this career?

I'm a high school graduate, graduated this year. I am enrolled in job corps and am doing research on careers that I may want to pursue #psychology #career #career-path . I am interested in becoming a genetic counselor and want to learn as much as possible from someone already in that field.

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Apr 18, 2022 596 views

How do I pick just one career path?

Hi, I honestly have no idea what career would be best for me. One I could succeed in, I want to be a nurse but at the same time a photographer and a writer. I do write stories because I have a lot of ideas in my head, and photography my dad got me into that and I love it. I am only in high...

Jaden’s Avatar
Jaden May 25, 2021 411 views

What is a normal day of a doctor like?

I am wondering how a normal day of a doctor looks like. #doctor

Wayne’s Avatar
Wayne May 24, 2021 315 views

What influence you to be a sports analyst?

I wonder is speaking about sports every day worth it. #career-choice

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Apr 16, 2022 474 views

Where do I find internships or immersions?

Greetings! I am a Grade 12 student in the STEM fields. I want to start my journey by looking for free and virtual internships and Immersion in the STEM or ABM field to expand my knowledge and skillset in these industries. My school currently does not provide these opportunities. Any experience...

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Mar 05, 2017 1084 views

Is it possible to study Medicine in Chinese

I'm a recipient of MOFA scholarship from Solomon Islands,currently in Taiwan learning Chinese for 6 months now and will continue until August.I want to study medicine but for me as an undergraduate student I must study the course in Chinese.Learning Chinese for only one year I'm not sure if I...