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Taipei, Taiwan

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Fred’s Avatar
Fred Oct 21, 2022 955 views

Studying Medicine in the US as an International Student

I've heard that international students can study to become licensed doctors in the US, but also that many medical schools don't accept international students. How are the odds and opportunities compared to domestic students?

Siwen’s Avatar
Siwen Nov 08, 2020 552 views

I can use to autocad and have an engineering survey license. Which profession suits me?

#building , #career choice, #measurer , #architect

Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia Apr 14, 2019 584 views

how do i know which artistic career suits me best?

I'm currently studying advertisement design as a junior in high school, but I'm not sure if i want to continue the path of 2d graphic design. Fashion design used to be a huge interest of mine, but lately I've been considering interior design as a career path as well, except i have very little...

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Mar 21, 2017 1073 views

Is it possible to study Medicine after undertaking a bachelaor deree in Medical Laboratory science and Biotecnology?

I study Chinese in Taiwan and after I finished my one year of studying Chinese language I want to study Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology because it is the only program offered in English besides engineering courses. However my dream is to study Medicine. #medicine #biotechnology...

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Mar 05, 2017 1192 views

Is it possible to study Medicine in Chinese

I'm a recipient of MOFA scholarship from Solomon Islands,currently in Taiwan learning Chinese for 6 months now and will continue until August.I want to study medicine but for me as an undergraduate student I must study the course in Chinese.Learning Chinese for only one year I'm not sure if I...

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