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Is it possible to study Medicine in Chinese

I'm a recipient of MOFA scholarship from Solomon Islands,currently in Taiwan learning Chinese for 6 months now and will continue until August.I want to study medicine but for me as an undergraduate student I must study the course in Chinese.Learning Chinese for only one year I'm not sure if I there is any possibility that I can take the coure in Chinese.Now the University application are open I don't know what to do and I'm confuse what to apply for because since my early age my only dream is to become a doctor.I've never have any other dream. #medicine #veterinary #biotechnology #retail-pharmacy #medical-laboratory

It will be extremely difficult for you to learn and practise medicine in Chinese when you have just learnt it for less than a year. Most medical schools in Taiwan would hold lectures in Madarin Chinese only. When you do clinical placements, Mandarin is the language used 99% of the time in Taiwan. You will face so much more stress in addition to studying the medical knowledge. But I would say that anything is possible. It would be better if you live in Taiwan and learn the language and culture lonnger before going into medical school. Best of luck to you! Ching Ting N.

Hey Mary! I started learning Chinese from a young age and I can speak it fairly well, but even then reading books or listening to lectures in Chinese is still difficult. I would suggest against studying medicine in Chinese, since it would be hard to understand (and medicine is hard by nature). Maybe consider going back home and seeing if there are any universities that can accommodate your dreams? Hope this helps. Albert P.

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3 answers

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Liangliang’s Answer

Take part in the experiment and the scene, exchange more with the good at English ones and read more books

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Richard’s Answer

Hi, Mary,
Every university has its own language proficiency requirement for admission. I think you can just contact with the admission office of the university you want to apply to make sure their requirements. For example, most of universities in China mainland need HSK test result for admission. So, if you want to apply university in China mainland, you have to get your HSK test result first. Some universities may have language courses for international students to prepare for HSK test. You can enquire all these information from admission office.
Hope the above information is useful you. Good luck for your application.

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雨佳’s Answer

Make a study plan, buy some medical books, find a doctor and a friend to follow the study, and take part in the practice