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Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Lena Dec 05, 2023 374 views

Computer Architecture

As a Computer Architecture are you allowed to work remotely? Can you go in depth about what your job is like? How relaxing is the job? When given the projects, how hard do you think it is? How did you know you were interested in this job?

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Niyaaz Aug 06, 2021 770 views

What are the careers which are in demand and has a good remuneration now and in the future

#electrical engineering #engineering

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Gabriel Oct 28, 2021 557 views

What should I expect from choosing the IT/tech career path?

#IT #Technology #Career

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Aiden Dec 09, 2021 1630 views

What is the difference between college and university?

I'm wondering if it would matter on a resume if you went to a university or not or something
#college #university #resume