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What are the necessary requirements for obtaining a Bachelors of Science degree for the IT field?

I am planning on forwarding my education into getting a degree at Radford University, so I was wondering what they would require in terms of classes and certifications. #computer-science #higher-education #bachelors-degree #it-management

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3 answers

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Joanne’s Answer


This college seems to have a nice flow chart of the classes you'll be expected to take once you're there:


If you can take some courses in high school to help you out, that would ease the first year a bit. I see a lot of Math, Physics, another science or two. It also helps to know how to write well (and type well), so if there is an introduction to IT course at your school, that could prove beneficial too.

I thank you for your answer, and in response: I will look into that link and I am already in college, so it is a little late for high school programs. Brandon H.

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All you need is your interest and dedication which in turn help in obtaining BE degree in IT. There is nothing to fear about, what you can do before joining any instititution you can learn the basics of Computer programming and do some courses from Coursers.org which will definately help you in future.
All the best.

I thank you for your answer, and in response: I do plan to look into programming after earning my associate's degree and moving into a four-year school. Brandon H.

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Michelle’s Answer


Every college and university has individual course requirements for each of their degree programs. A bachelor's degree requires that you complete 120 credit hours. Most courses are 3-4 credits per course. Usually you take 60 credit hours of general credits with classes that would include English, Math, Speech, History, Psychology etc.. There are also a number of electives (classes that you can select due to your area of interest) and then there are 30-40 credit hours that would be specific classes in your area of major. Here is their flow chart for a degree in IT:http://radford.edu/content/csat/home/itec/programs/information-science.html. Every college has advisor who will be able to assist you in the selection of your courses.

Best of luck.