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Is it better to take a 4 year college or take a 2 year then transfer to a university

I ultimately think you need to evaluate your goals and finances. If it will help you get your degree, do what you need Samantha Kurtz

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4 answers

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David’s Answer

It really depends on your individual situation such as what you can afford, your high school grades, your career goals, are you ready for a 4-year college. Depending othe state where you live, some of the state 4-year colleges will allow you to finish your last two years at the state 4-year college once you have completed your studies at the 2-year college.

If you career goals can be accomplished by attending a 2-year college then that is fine.

I always recommend against the for profit universities and colleges.
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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Victor,

Like most things, I think it depends. On the whole, I think that it is cheaper to get your basic credits at a 2-year school and then transfer to a 4-year for the major classes of your chosen degree. Your challenge here is that some credits may not transfer so you will need to do your research ahead of time to make sure all of your credits transfer. Also consider the challenge of transferring to out of state schools. I lost a lot of money when I transferred out of state since the credits didn't transfer. For example, I went to college in Nevada and my Nevada History credits didn't transfer. I might as well have burned the money since it ended up being a waste.

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Shelby’s Answer

Hi Victor!
This depends! Do you know what you want to go to school for? Is it specific? If yes, it may be better to go straight to a university.

BUT - if you're going to have gen eds you need to take or you're not sure exactly what you want to do, community college can be a great option!
You can save so much money at a CC. just make sure to take classes that will for sure transfer to your university so you don't end up having to retake classes over again!
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Jamie’s Answer

The answer to this question really dependent upon each individual student and their needs. Things to keep in mind as you are making the decision: Is there a transfer agreement between the 2 institutions you plan to attend? Do you have adequate information as to how courses would transfer? Is your major of choice one that can be adequately completed at the 4-year institution within the 2 years you plan to attend?