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Lindsay . May 24, 2016 429 views
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hannah L. Sep 23, 2021 84 views

What kind of clothes do you have to wear when taking pictures?

I am a 11 grade student in high school...


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Alex H. Nov 02, 2021 95 views

What is the most difficult part of being a college student?

In what ways are college different compared to high school, how exactly does college impact or change you? student college college-advice...


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Rondhel G. Nov 02, 2021 137 views

What is majoring in Psychology like?

I'm currently interested in Psychology. What are some standard knowledge I should know. psychology college...


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Katrina C. Nov 05, 2021 68 views

How stressful is college?

I'm going to college soon and I want to know how stressful it is going to be....


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Garvin K. Nov 05, 2021 133 views
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izaiah D. Nov 05, 2021 103 views

How did the college life affect your school work relationships and family members

I wondering how college will be fore me and wanna gather other peoples experience to get a idea how college life is...


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Ashley H. Nov 08, 2021 72 views
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Cameron F. Nov 08, 2021 171 views

College Options?

I don't do very good in school but want to go to college. What are my best options?...