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Aurek’s Avatar
Aurek Feb 08, 2022 720 views

What is the most useful skill a mechanical engineer should have?

#mechanical-engineer #engineer #mechanical-engineering

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Jason Feb 03, 2022 272 views

Who was your inspiration to work at where you are today?

I'm just curious on who was your inspiration if it was your parents or your peers, and if they changed the way you saw your career or not. #career

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Oct 06, 2021 387 views

What are some technology companies that include Social Justice as one of their core values?

I'm a senior in high school and am passionate about incorporating Social Justice with technology. I would love to learn about tech companies that I could possibly intern for or work for after college that involves Social Justice in their work! Thanks :) #technology #socialjustice...

Charlie’s Avatar
Charlie Feb 16, 2022 255 views

Is it worth it to become a manager for apartments.

#management #business

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Kendra Jan 03, 2022 690 views

If I don't go to college what successful job could I get?

#college #future

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Hector Dec 09, 2021 341 views

How difficult is the math in the occupation of Electrician and what type of math do they typically use.


Victor’s Avatar
Victor Nov 09, 2021 393 views

Is it better to take a 4 year college or take a 2 year then transfer to a university

#college #university

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David Dec 09, 2021 677 views

Do you enjoy the career that you are working?

#engineering #work What exactly do you do when you are working? & do you work with people or alone?

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Vivek Nov 10, 2021 379 views

How to become a robotic engineer by taking cse with AIML in ?

I want to know that how could I become a robotic engineer and I have choosen cse with AIML in what is the process and percentage of becoming a robotic engineer
#engineer #engineering #roboticengineer #scientist #technology #science #civil-engineering #technology

Pius’s Avatar
Pius Aug 26, 2021 366 views

Which occupation would fit me for Computer Tech career path?

#computer #technology
I love building Computers with an absolute passion! I can't really handle stress but hopefully some will be manageable. I'm mostly liking hands on work. #computer-software

Bryse’s Avatar
Bryse Jul 31, 2021 954 views

What career paths so Mechanical Engineers have?

What are the various careers someone with a degree in Mechanical Engineering join and what do they entail. #mechanical-engineering #engineering #mechanical-engineer #career #career-paths

Nandi’s Avatar
Nandi Aug 03, 2021 431 views

in my school we only ha CAT (computer applications technology) as a subject and i want to purse the programming or the software course in varsity my problem is that am i going to be able to them considering the subject that i am doing or do i need to do computer sciences

i love technology but the marks i get only come from theory tests because i do not have the resources that can help me do my practicals #technology #computer #programming #software

Kelly ’s Avatar
Kelly May 18, 2016 763 views

I really like engineering but people tell me there are a lot of engineering areas. What types of engineering areas are there and how can I combine that with technology?

i like engineering and technology. #engineer #technology

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Weixuan Nov 28, 2020 1904 views

Is UC Irvine a good school for engineering?

# UCI # UC Universities # Public Universities # #engineering #teacher #school-counseling #history

Melvin Summerville’s Avatar
Melvin Jul 11, 2019 748 views

Do engineers in the military do actual engineering work (design, construction, testing, etc.)?

I've been looking into different branches of the military, specifically in the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard, for engineering careers (I've been leaning more towards the Coast Guard).What kind of engineering work is done in these branches? Is a degree required for these positions? Thank you...