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I want to know if I am really interested in working in the IT or software engineering industry through the use of asking CareerVillage questions about finding out my passion and what I could improve on.



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Jason Apr 04, 2022 575 views

What are the requirements of being a data scientist?

Hello, I would like to ask questions about what you would need in order to become a good data scientist, as it does sound interesting.

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Jason Apr 04, 2022 403 views

City College and then State/UC Colleges or straight to State/UC?

Hello CareerVillage, I would like to ask if there are any pros or cons to going to a city college and then transferring out to a state university. Have you figured out what you wanted to do in that amount of time going to city college?

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Jason Feb 03, 2022 397 views

Who was your inspiration to work at where you are today?

I'm just curious on who was your inspiration if it was your parents or your peers, and if they changed the way you saw your career or not. #career

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Jason Jan 28, 2022 414 views

What was one of the things you had to let go of in order to fulfill your career goals?

I am just interested in what hobbies or things you had to stop doing in order to fulfill your goals. Did any of these hobbies hinder your ability to do your job? #job #career #job

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Jason Oct 05, 2021 1003 views

What are the qualifications or requirements of being a successful software engineer/coder

Hello CareerVillage, I am wondering about the requirements and maybe even the qualifications of being a coder. I am currently a junior in high school and am wondering what classes I can take other than computer science to help my way to becoming a software engineer or a coder....

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Jason Sep 16, 2021 418 views

How do I get a job that I like

Hello I am a 15 year old student, and I am wondering how do I find a job that I enjoy. #job #career #job-search