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Is learning additional languages an asset for my future career?

Asked Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

I am learning French at York University. #career-development #language #foreign-languages #learning

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Learning another language is very good for the development of your brain. In the current situation it might be a huge benefit when you have to interact with different countries for work. There are 29 countries in the world where they speak French so the chance that you'll run into one is big. BUT I do think in future we will have a device which will be able to translate any language as we speak. Same a google translate., it's just that we don't know that for sure.

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Hi Deborah, Languages are always an asset whether it's professionally or privately. It allows you to communicate with different people, different cultures as a local. What better way to travel the world, knowing you will be able to communicate with all types of people. From a work perspective, it can only be seen as an asset in this very small world. Today we tend to forget that not everyone speaks English. If you can learn several languages at school and then go to the countries to get up close with language. Learn and best of luck in your future career. Bonne chance. Viel Glück
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Hi Deborah!

Knowing more than language helps you stand out - something to talk about during interviews. It's difficult mastering one language so if you're able to do that with more than one it can show that you have serious skills!

But I would also say that it really depends on the career. If you're planning on conducting international business, teach overseas, work abroad or work for a government agency, or become a translator then yes, additional language will definitely be useful.

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Yes! Obviously, if you want to travel overseas or work with other cultures, additional languages help you stand out from other applicants. But even if you're not specifically focused on jobs that use other languages, the ability to put yourself in other people's shoes, think in more than one language - all help you become a more flexible thinker, and every job needs that.

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