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How do you find a team to help you start your own business?

I want to make my own mobile app(s). But I don’t think I can do it on my own. How can I find people to help when I’m just starting out and don’t know what I’m doing. business management college career

Hello Klaryssa, First off, great idea to start your own business! Second off, my opinion on this subject would be to get people who you have known for a long time. Maybe a family member or a close friend who shares the same type of idea as you about starting businesses? It is true that it can be a lot easier if you have a likeminded people working by your side. You also need someone that you can trust. I hope this helped! Rich D.

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4 answers

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Klaryssa,

You may need to get some idea of what you need in your team. Sometimes that comes from doing all the tasks at first, being a one person business. You should research on what skills or roles are needed to make good apps. So think about yourself first - do you have good ideas but don't know how to make the app work? Are you good at the technical building of an app but not really good at ideas? Do you want to offer your app building services out as a business?

I know my challenge in having my own business is the actual business part. I am bored by the administrative work of setting up a business and paying the bills for it. I would rather be the creative who makes the things to sell rather then doing the admin stuff.

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Rebecca’s Answer

I am glad to hear that you would like to start your own business and develop your own apps.
When you start, you can start with small scale first. You may not really need to build a big team on this. You can try to write small scale apps yourself and put it online. You may make some monies and receive the feedback to further develop your apps.
On the other hand, when your apps development expand to bigger scale, you need to expand the development team. You can consider a few ways to recruit the resources:
1. Your own network, e.g. friends, classmates, etc.
2. Post hiring in recruitment websites
3. Look for referrals
I would recommend you start it in small scale first. You don't need a big team at the beginning. Alternatively, you can partner it with 1-2 friends together.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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Edward’s Answer

Best to use your local network of people you may have worked with and have a good rapport with.
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Shelby’s Answer

Hi Klaryssa!

You are going to want to start networking! Reach out to friends and family and see if anyone has experience or if they know anyone who has experience. You also may want to take some courses in coding or other related topics that could help you learn about making mobile apps.