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Is there a "season" or "cycle" when employers post summer jobs for high school students?


It's February and school ends in mid-June. Should I start applying for jobs now, or is it too early? Do employer's start looking for summer help in the spring, or do they wait until closer to June? #hiring #summer-jobs #high-school-students #employers #summer-internship #high-school-jobs #student-interns #hiring-practice

2 answers

Michael’s Answer

Updated Fort Worth, Texas

Good job! It looks like you are planning ahead. This gives you an advantage over other high school students who are hoping to land a summer job but waiting until school is out. The majority of employers will have begun looking for summer help by late April or early May in order to get schedules, budgets, and training in order. At the same time, some businesses hire a large number of seasonal employees (summer camps, theme parks, etc;) so they may have started looking before even before Christmas. By starting the job search process early, you have the opportunity to practice job hunting skills like filling out applications, creating a resume, and answering interview questions. Another benefit of looking now is that you can easily ask a teacher, counselor, coach or other school employee to give you a character reference. This may become more difficult if you wait until school is out.

Thank you Mr. Stephens! I really appreciate the information provided! I will start looking for summer jobs now! Again, thank you.

Cassandra’s Answer

Updated Jacksonville, North Carolina

Hi Olivea,

Great job on considering a job while in high school! Having an early history of working looks good for colleges, and even when beginning to venture into your career choice. Many jobs that are looking for summer help, may begin right around April/may, in order to be prepared for their busy season. Most summer positions will run until September or October, depending on what kind of business it is, as well as if there is the possibility for you to be hired on passed the summer season. I had my first job in high school, and it taught me a lot of great skills. I worked the closing shift in a clothing store, and usually worked 5-9pm a few nights a week. I think it is a great step for you to consider!