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What do I need to do to prepare for my first summer job?


I'm ready to work at my first summer job as a high school student and will have completed the 10th grade. I have a resume, but I do not have a work permit. Should I have my school sign a work permit even though I do not have a job yet? Is there anything else I should do to prepare for my first job? #teacher #first-job #summer-jobs #high-school-students #work-permit #job-application

3 answers

Karen’s Answer

Updated Saint Paul, Minnesota

Explore possibilities -- look around whenever you are out to see who is hiring or ask at the places where you would like to work about their process for hiring.  Meanwhile take advantage of volunteer opportunities so that you can talk about your experience when interviewing for a summer job.

With every good wish!

Connor’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois
Hi Olivea, Congrats on getting your first job! I think the best thing you can do to prepare for your first job is to think about what you want to get out of the job / internship. Coming in with a clear purpose for your managers will help you prioritize the many opportunities that will come your way, and also help you seek out opportunities that aren't part of the standard job description but are well within your ability to move into.

Susan’s Answer

Updated Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

I can't speak to the work permit as it probably varies by location. If you already have a resume, which should list your extra-curriculum activities, be ready to talk about your interests, strengths & weaknesses, and why you will be a good fit for the job you're looking at. Be flexible, be open to things that might not have appeared on the job posting, be ready for the unexpected. Remember, it's only for a summer but you can learn a lot in summer jobs.