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Rosa Feb 04, 2017 1144 views

How valuable are internships, really?

I have the opportunity to be an intern at the Cleveland Clinic - a Laboratory Medicine internship. I'm hoping to someday be either a Geneticist or a Research Scientist in Biology, so you can see how this internship is relevant. Also, I hope to go to Case Western Reserve University, so this...

Olivea’s Avatar
Olivea Feb 12, 2017 1097 views

What do I need to do to prepare for my first summer job?

I'm ready to work at my first summer job as a high school student and will have completed the 10th grade. I have a resume, but I do not have a work permit. Should I have my school sign a work permit even though I do not have a job yet? Is there anything else I should do to prepare for my...

Wenge’s Avatar
Wenge Jul 28, 2016 1351 views

Is this common that the first job that people got is not related to what they have learned in their uni?

Just saw few my friends get a job which not related to our subject. #job #first-job

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Julianne Sep 29, 2017 2717 views

What education and experience path leads to consulting?

To #consultants : how did you get to where you are? After you are successful in a field, do you become a consultant to help others? Do you take a second job? #consulting #management-consulting