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How to find a dream job

My whole life I haven't thought of what i wanted to do with myself as an adult and now that I am one,I still don't know what I want to do. I'm practically letting life take the wheel and leading me towards what ever lies ahead. career

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4 answers

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Sophie’s Answer

The idea of needing to know what you want to do, somewhat equates to having one career. I think that through your life you can have multiple careers as often the best opportunities present themselves to you as you grow in your skills, rather than having to hunt them down based on this idea that you need to have one career path. My advice is to pursue opportunities that interest you, as more often than not if you are doing something that you enjoy you'll excel in it. Also work hard at everything that you do and take every opportunity to give something a go. You won't know what suits you best unless you try. If something isn't right for you, don't stay in a role that you don't enjoy - pursue other passions and you'll find the right fit. You may also find that the 'right fit' might depend on where you are in life - ie. a high powered, high travel job might work for you at one point in your life but at other points you may have other personal priorities meaning that you would need something very different.

Speak to colleagues, friends, family with careers that you admire - find out what they did to get to where they are. They will be a great resource, and probably reassurance, on your next steps.
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Bob’s Answer

Finding your dream job, building a career in one or more areas that you love. Consider

As a starting point, there are 7 lists to consider to help you to narrow it down:

- what do you excel at academically
- what activities do you really enjoy
- what careers type do you like if any
- what careers have you discussed with friends, family, school
- how flexible are you to move away from your home, county, state and even country
- what careers have your family and friends chosen - parents, siblings, cousins, friend's - through natural conversation you will get insights into what they are doing and it will peak your interest or not
- industries in your area can influence your starting point

While your performance at school may not be the exact indicator of what you are good at, what you like - its a good indicator. Performance at school/college will expand or limit your options, and that's a fact - whether its entry to the college of your choice of career options. Most good paying jobs and careers and jobs today require a degree and some even a master or doctors degree. Your school, college grad or post grad grades will filter or expand your career opportunities.

Working in a field that you love is everyone's dream job - so while you are young and you have the chance write down the list and see what great careers are in this space.

What careers have you discussed with family and friends - directly or indirectly - what jobs and careers peak your interest?

Do you want to stay in your village, town, city, county or state - or are you flexible? If you are flexible you will have many more options. I was brought up in a small town in England but decided I wanted to travel and see the world as part of my job. After leaving college I got a dream job in oil and gas and worked in Colombia, Denmark, Morocco, France, UK, Greece, South Africa, Mexico, USA, Venezuela, Alaska and Angola - I got what I wanted as I was super flexible.

What are the industries in your area - its an easier route but they may have exactly what you need.

Lastly I would get the list of industries and jobs and find the ones you like

Take the outcomes of all of the above and streamline your list of favorites - rank them - then start pushing into that area to learn more - see how you can break into the field - and be persistent .

Hope this helps
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Rebecca’s Answer

This is a question more to yourself. What is your dream job? Perhaps I would suggest you try to do below:
1. Think about your hobbies, your favourite subjects, etc. that you would are would like to do something related in the future
2. Identify any jobs that related to your hobbies or favourite subjects, e.g. If you are interested in sports, would you like to be an athlete, a sports teacher, a coach or sports journalist, etc. If you are interested in Maths, would you like to be a mathematician, maths teacher, accountant, etc.
3. You may shortlist a few jobs you are interested on and do more research, e.g. find out more information online, speak to someone in the industry, seek advice from your school career counselor, etc.
4. You can the identify a few jobs you would like to pursue. Then, you can explore what relevant subject you need to take in the college and find out the entry criteria.
5. Last but not least, you would need to work hard to meet the entry criteria of the college and move towards the direction of your dream job.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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Jessica’s Answer

Exploration of your values and what you believe in will help lead you in the right direction. Consider taking a few self-assessments to remind yourself of what you cherish or dont care for in life. There’s several free ones and a few you might have to pay for depending on how committed you are. It’s not necessarily the outcome either, sometimes it’s the questions themselves that might get you to think about that one time you did x and had so much fun and it meant something special to you. Good luck in your search, my best advice would be to find something you love doing right now and start there.