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What is difference between business school student or other majors?

I think entering business school need higher entry level compared with other faculty. business school

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3 answers

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Carlyn’s Answer

Hi Ena,

I think you can find great jobs coming out of undergrad with a business degree or not. Joining a business program will provide you with more infrastructure to find a business job, as your classes will focus on business and provide you with relevant experiences to discuss in your interviews. Business schools also often have strong alumni networks and encourage students to do a lot of networking and career prep during their undergraduate years, which can certainly help prepare you. That being said, I think the most beneficial thing that being in a business school will do for you is demonstrating interest in providing you with that infrastructure.

I think it is great to pursue different paths in college, and i feel that there are a lot of benefits to liberal arts learning. That being said, if you pursue this path I think it is important that you demonstrate interest in business in other ways such as by joining business clubs, and pursuing internships throughout your time in undergrad. This is actually the path that I choose to take, and looking back I am glad that this is what I did. I think having a liberal arts education gives you a broader perspective, and you often do not have the same opportunity to learn about those areas after graduation.

Hope this helps!
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Astrid’s Answer

In business school you will focus on business classes. You will take finance, economics, etc. As you see the classes are structured for a business major.
Other schools will focus on different career paths. For example, architecture school is focused around engineering, physics, etc.

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Seifeldin’s Answer

You have a higher chance of having a management role than a technical role.