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How do I play my songs everyday if I don't have a guitar at home?

I am a novice singer/guitar player and I have a very strong passion about music. singer music-production music-industry

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2 answers

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Larry’s Answer

If you are passionate about music then dive in and invest in your desires. You can buy a reasonably playable guitar from "Musician's Friend" online music retailer for $60 with four payments of $15 each. I've read reviews of the Rogue guitar for beginners and it sounds okay. If you have more money to spend, then look at low cost Yamaha guitars. The nice thing about "Musician's Friend" is you have 45 days to try out the guitar and if you don't like it you can return it. I've bought music gear from MF site for almost 30 years and have never been disappointed.

Another option is to take lessons from someone who can lend you a guitar or help you buy something from a pawn shop that is not junk. Don't buy from a pawn shop without someone advising you, who knows guitars. There's a lot of unplayable junk out there that will just be a waste of good money. The bottom line is play, play, play. With all the advice on Youtube to get your going, there's no reason not to. You could also invest in some three chord song book once you get a guitar. Go for it.
Thank you, this is really helpful. Dakota W.
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Judeanne’s Answer

Hi Dakota,

Since you're a beginner, it is important that you play and write as much as possible. Building your skills is very important. It's very simple to get a guitar these days.

Check out Facebook Market Place. I just did a search and found an acoustic for $40. Go to pawn shops or second-hand stores, like Goodwill. Guitars will be relatively inexpensive there. It will also be helpful if you start hanging out with or networking with other musicians. One of them may have an 'extra' that you can borrow for a while.

There's also a guitar manufacturer in St. Mary's, just up route 255 from you in Weedville. It's Weinkauf Electric Guitars. This is a great place for you to visit. The reviews on Google show it's a small independent shop, owned by a guy who knows his stuff and prices things fairly. Shops like this are a valuable place for young musicians, especially because of the people who own/run the stores. They're almost always great mentors and open to helping you get your dreams moving forward.

If Weinkauf's is too far for you, look closer to home for any small music stores. There's also Guitar NIA in Clearfield with similar reviews. Again, look for a place close to you because nearly every town has a music store or someone giving lessons who will help you in your quest to get a guitar.

Your dedication will help you find a way to get the instrument you need/want. Don't allow something as simple as getting an instrument get in your way.

Keep playing!

I appreciate you taking the time to answer this. Dakota W.