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What is the life of an entrepreneur like?

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3 answers

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Anthony’s Answer

Please, note the following
concerning the life of an
entrepreneur :-
1. Knows what is expected in
terms of setting goal/goals.
2. Has INTEREST and
KNOWLEDGE in the business.
3. Has general EXPERIENCE and
ABILITY to perform the
various activities within the
4. He/She is the overall manager
and leader of the business.
5. He/She is the real owner of the
6. There should be honesty,
faithfulness, integrity and
transparency in all activities at
all times.

. Best wishes to you.

Thank you comment icon Thank you so much, Anthony! Gianna
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Tyler’s Answer

The other responses do a great job explaining how to find out more of what a day in the life of an Entrepreneur is like, and what kind of attributes they have.

What I think is important to point out though, is everyone to some extent can be Entrepreneurs. There's a term called "Intrapreneurship", which means someone who shows Entrepreneur type qualities at their day job. So whether you are an engineer, doctor, hair dresser, or project manager, every role to some extent can show these type of qualities. The most important one is problem solving - when you solve a problem you are showing your knack of being an Entrepreneur.

Many of my Entrepreneur friends have exciting lives, but with it comes a lot of risk and frustration. Like one of the responses above, I too would suggest to reach out to Entrepreneurs in your area to get a more specific idea of what their day to day is like.
Thank you comment icon Thank you, this is really helpful. Gianna
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Bob’s Answer

Entrepreneurs are endlessly curious and exhaustively creative about how best to define and solve problems. It is not unusual for an Entrepreneur to research, assess and define problems that lie in the future. They visualize and define problems, acting upon various solutions before others do. So, their minds are always working through complex issues and visualizations of future needs. An example would be Elon Musk or Steve Jobs. They demand much of themselves as well as others, never completely satisfied with solutions. Once they determine the problem they wish to solve and have visualized and built a solution(s), they are laser focused upon bringing that product to market,constantly improving it, creating new markets, new features, new solutions and, more importantly, changing how people think and work. They do this while building a company for sustainable success and growth. To do this an Entrepreneur's associates or spouse are frequently haunted by the Entrepreneur exhibition of boundless energy.These characteristics at times make Entrepreneurs difficult to work or live with.
At the same time, while successful Entrepreneurs are able to enjoy their financial gains, I know of few who are able to slow down.

Bob recommends the following next steps:

Speak with an Entrepreneur in your town, village or city. Ask them what their day is like.
Read the many books focused upon Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.
Visit trade shows when they come to your home town. Speak with those who changing the marketplace with new ideas.
Thank you comment icon I am really grateful you took the time to answer this question. Gianna