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Michelle Dec 11, 2022 162 views

Is family ?

Is family medicine a good job?

What is the hardest thing about family medicine?

Is family medicine a great career?

How do you get patients to open up to you?

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Sep 27, 2022 173 views

Entertaining jobs?

Like are they fun to a part of? Basically something that wouldnt have you sitting at a desk the whole time.

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 24, 2022 226 views

Will accounting become automated?

Some articles that I've read claim that accounting will become automated in 20 years. I've also read that automation will merely decrease the need for accountants and/or make their workload easier. I don't want to enter a career in an obsolete profession.

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 24, 2022 419 views

Can you work remote as an HR manager?

I'm really enthralled by the idea of working remote. However, I feel this would put too much distance between me and the employees whom I'm trying to help.

ramyelys’s Avatar
ramyelys May 28, 2022 176 views

the way ill figure out my majors

I want to figure out what I want to major on when I ope to no waste time.

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Andrew May 02, 2018 664 views

How was your experience attending mission humanitaire program in Benin?

Me and my friends are planning to go on a mission humanitaire ( program in Benin. If anyone has any experience with such mission humanitaire program. Please share your experience. #missionhumanitaire #missionhumanitaireafrique #voyagehumanitaire...

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Micah May 26, 2022 273 views

What does it take to become a sports analyst?

I enjoy watching and analyzing sports and I want to know what it takes to become an analyst.

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Maya Jun 08, 2021 363 views

How can I become involved in the field of behavioral neuroscience as a high school student?

As a high school student, I have heard that colleges are looking to see that you are taking interest in a field of study.
#neuroscience #science #volunteer #highschool #college

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Shuk Man Apr 17, 2022 312 views

What can I do in the summer to help me prepare for my freshman year of college?

from highs school senior

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laya Mar 11, 2022 294 views

When trying to standout on front for medical school, what are some things in highschool i can do to further my chances of getting accepted?

what are some actvities or jobs i can partake in to challenge my readiness for medical school or college?

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Gianna Feb 03, 2022 428 views

What is the life of an entrepreneur like?

#entrepreneur #business

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Voc Mar 09, 2022 182 views

What are the best classes to take? How can i read reactions better?


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Anja Feb 24, 2022 647 views

What jobs are the best for introverts?

I am a person who works best alone, as I can get pretty nervous when interacting with others. I wanted to know what careers are best for those who don't work well with others. I am thinking something within STEM or something that has to do with art. #art #science #career #math #personality...

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Colin Mar 10, 2022 840 views

What is the most common thing Financial advisors do?

#financial-aid #college #accounting #money #finance