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Grand Junction, Colorado

Within 40 mile radius
Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jan 16, 2018 404 views

What is the best Scholarship website for working parents to pay for college?

Where can I find the best Scholarship websites for a working mom trying to get a higher education? #nursing #scholarships #financial-aid

Deanna’s Avatar
Deanna May 18, 2016 740 views

Can you address the "agent versus no-agent" question for emerging fiction writers?

As an emerging fiction writer, I'm interested in hearing from people in the publishing industry about the pros and cons of each approach. #author #agent #publisher

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Feb 07, 2017 609 views

What college courses should I take to start a Medical/Recreational Cannabis and Hemp Cultivation and Distribution Business.

I am a High School Graduate and am wanting to pursue a career in medical cannabis and hemp cultivation and I was wondering if its possible to take Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Writing, Finance, Foreign language, and a Business Degree? Im interested in running my own cultivation and distribution...

Raymond’s Avatar
Raymond Aug 14, 2019 220 views

what sort of career options are available for a Generalist Engineer?

a "generalist engineer" as I use it now refers to someone who is adept in most/all fields of vehicular constructions and repair. I am currently attending Job Corps for UAW, but wish to become capable of maintaining everything from a motorcycle to a boeing 787 commercial jet. #engineering

Deanna’s Avatar
Deanna May 18, 2016 726 views

What business advice do you have for a student pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing?

I am a writer with little talent for business. The publishing industry is a tough one to find entry into and I'm open to advice. #writing #author #editor #creative-writing #agent #published

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