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My question is if i were to major in fashion design would it be smart to minor in business? and what are some good colleges to pursue my dream?

i am very interested in fashion and i want to make a difference in fashion from my ideal fashion #business-management #fashion #fashion-design #fine-art #modeling

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2 answers

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RYAN’s Answer

Hi Angel,

Thats a great question. I have been a designer for 10 years and started my career by going to a fashion school at FIDM. Some of the top schools for a career in fashion design are:

  1. Central Saint Martins in London

  2. Parsons in NYC

  3. FIT in NYC

  4. Pratt Institute in Brooklyn

  5. Otis in LA

  6. FIDM in LA

  7. Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia

  8. Kent State University in Ohio

  9. Drexel University in Philadelphia

  10. Rhode Island School of Design in Providence

  11. Academy of Art University in San Francisco

As far as what degree you want, it all depends on what you want to do. If you know you want to do fashion design I would suggest getting your BA in fashion design. There isn't a need to minor in business. However, I'm a big fan of education so if you want to minor in business or if you someday plan on starting a business, then thats a great idea. I suggest checking out these schools and what their majors are, there are majors specifically in fashion business. There are so many careers in the fashion industry, it all depends on what you want your career and education experience to be. If you go to any of the colleges on the list, then you'll get a great education in fashion.

Good Luck!

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Brittany’s Answer

Hi Angel,

I admire your drive and forward thinking! Pursuing a field you are passionate about is always a great motivator. Taking the opportunity to also view your passion through a business lens can help give you a competitive edge in the future -- whether that is starting your own business or applying to a job where your business degree differentiates you from the other candidates! As you brainstorm your goals short & long term, think about an aspect of business that will specifically fuel those dreams. Perhaps its in management, technology, or supply chain.

Hope that helps!