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Do you have to be more experienced to become a pediatrician than a nurse?

I want to know more about how much experience is needed for both career because im interested in becoming a pediatrician #nursing #nurse #pediatrician

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2 answers

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J’s Answer

Not exactly experience required, rather much more schooling through a medical program than is required to become a nurse.

You have to go to school much longer before you start working as a doctor instead of a nurse. Neither need experience to get started. You need strong grades to get into a good nursing or medical school. You will get the experience there through hands on training in clinics and hospitals. Naima Garrett

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Nina’s Answer

Typically, nurses usually have a lot of hands on training because of the classes they have to take however you can get experience by shadowing someone in the field or working in an environment that is more focused on children. I think at the end of the day, both are really great jobs whether a nurse in pediatrics or a MD in pediatrics. Hope that helped some.