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Software tool for video game development

Asked New York, New York

Hello there I am in 10th grade at a technology school. I'm dying to be able to create a video game. So please advise what software tool I can use. #programming #video-game-design #video-game-development

4 answers

Cuong’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Currently, I only know two software tools for video game development. Unreal and Unity 3D. From what I hear from my friends, Unreal is bit above learning curve from Unity 3D.

From my experience, the software that I used to create my only game is Unity 3D. It's a great program, the website offers tutorials how to write the codes and how to use the software. If you have noticed the past couple of years in the video game industry. There have been a lot more independent games than early 2000s. You could possibly learn how to create a game on your own and publish it to make money. Many of independent games uses Unity 3D. I believe Unity 3D is a good starting point than if you're quick and proficient in Unity, you can move towards to Unreal.

Andrew’s Answer

Updated Brownsburg, Indiana

What everyone said above about Unity and Unreal are true. They are the most popular right now.

But the Godot Engine (https://godotengine.org/) is easier to learn, has no restrictions, and is 100% free . So you may want to start there.

Kenneth’s Answer

Updated Somerville, Massachusetts

Hi Zach,

I can't say I'm extremely familiar with game engines, but I do know that Unity is a huge hit right now. It's used widely by individuals, independent companies, and even professional companies. Furthermore there's a personal version of Unity that is free. https://store.unity.com/

Brian Lee’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Unity is great, not only for being free, but for having an amazing support community online. I made my own game with it and learned everything myself through their forums. Many gaming companies use proprietary software that you can't use until you work there.