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On average how many years of schooling does it take to become a neonatal nurse ?

Updated Anaheim, California

I am currently a freshman at a community college and am thinking about switching my major to become a neonatal nurse. However I am skeptical about it because of the fact that I am currently pregnant and I'm not sure that I would make it through. #nursing #registered-nurses #pediatric-nursing #neonatal

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Teresa’s Answer

Updated Memphis, Tennessee

Congratulations on your upcoming birth! I am sure it must be very busy to try to balance family life and your education. Nursing education is very general for school- You can obtain your degree as an associate's degree or bachelor's degree and they both prepare you to take the NCLEX exam which grants you "RN" status. When you have an RN license, then you can choose a specialty for your career. NICU is one of the specialties in nursing. The places that hire you can train you for the field however, nurses may get experience in an adult area first and then transfer to the NICU. Best of luck to you in your future!