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Anything I should know to be a roboticist?

anything I should know? like does it suck, wud i regret it, how much is pay, the general stuff #technology #robotics

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2 answers

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Rob’s Answer

This is pretty subjective, but I think if you are interested in robotics you wouldn't regret pursuing it as a career. There are lots of interesting challenges in the field, and it is definitely a growing area. If you follow tech news you'll have noticed Google and Facebook buying several robotics companies recently; it's a pretty hot area in tech right now. Salaries are pretty high compared to the average, as they are in most technical fields. You of course will need a diverse technical education; computer engineering, mechanical engineering, physics to name a few subjects. Best of luck!

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Zach’s Answer

I think any job can suck. Robotics and mechatronics probably have a better chance of not sucking when compared to something rather dull like accounting.

I recommend you go to a school with a good mechatronics mechanical engineering program like Georgia Tech. You wont be disappointed.

Also, when looking into good school for robotics follow the grants.