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What kind of classes did you have to take in college?

Asked San Jose, California

Im asking this to know what i should expect if i decide to pursue this career. #engineer #architect #social-worker

10 answers

Jyothidhar’s Answer

Updated Kathmandu, Central Development Region, Nepal

I am assuming you want to start a career in computer science based on the tags thats been subscribed 1. Algorithms 2. Data Structures 3. Operating System 4. Math - Probability, Graph Theory, Discrete Math, Combinatorics 5. Object Oriented Programming 6. Networking 7. Software Architecture and Design 8. Database Management

Could you help me on how should i study for computer engineering Jyothindhar brother?

Terry’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

Assuming you want to pursue a software engineering career, there are several fundamental computer science classes that you could take to strengthen your skills and resume:

  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Concurrency
  • Operating Systems
  • Database Management
  • Networking

Stephanie’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

I specialize in Communications - sharing our company's story and promoting our games to media and our own employees.I have always loved to write and have been a fan of journalism since I was in grade school. In college I majored in Mass Communications and took classes on the news business, publicity, media ethics, marketing, history, psychology and political science. I also worked on our campus newspaper and interned at various Public Relations firms throughout college.

Mia’s Answer

Updated Chester, Virginia

HI Judith

What career are you trying to pursue?

Ashley’s Answer

Updated Little Falls, New Jersey

Social Work:

Intro to Social Work Human Behavior in the Social Environment Race and Diversity Social Welfare Policy Research Methods Theory and Practice Field Education

These are set by the CSWE and are expected to be in place for any accredited social work program. Your school will require additional classes.

Hope it helps.

Yamini’s Answer

Updated Kathmandu, Central Development Region, Nepal

Hi Judith,

I did my Engineering in Information Technology and some of the technical classes that I took were Operating Systems, Data Structures, Computer Networking, Assembly Languages, Web Designing, Theoretical computer science, Mobile Computing, Database Systems, Data warehousing. Along with technical subjects it also helps taking classes for communications and soft skills.

  • Yamini

Richie’s Answer

Updated Matawan, New Jersey

No matter what career you will pursue, it will always help if you can write well. This is especially important if you are going into a technical field - being able to explain things well in writing is important.

The other side of the coin is some basic knowledge of mathematics and the ability to apply it. Again, this will be knowledge that is useful in all careers.

Jack’s Answer

Updated Kingsville, Ontario, Canada

Yeah this is broad question and would depend on which career path you plan to take in the industry.

Personally I strongly suggest you do get a well rounded education, for example I did a B.S. major in Biology and also took action classes, and culture studies classes aboard (France)!

Joel’s Answer

Updated Somerville, Massachusetts

There are several different degree programs that can get you into software development - Computer Science, Electrical Engineering (what I studied), and Computer/Software Engineering are the most common. For the first two years of college, all three degrees typically require 4 semesters of math, 2 - 3 semesters of physics, and possibly a semester or two of chemistry. For the last two years, you'll need to take 4 - 5 courses per semester specific to the major (the first two answers above provide good examples of what you'd have to take for Computer Science), as well as a course or two per semester as electives.

Kristen’s Answer

Updated Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hey Judith,

I studied Computer Networking and Information Security and specialized in Cyber Security. Some of the major related classes I took were: computer networking, computer and network security, digitial forensics, calculus, relational databases, web development, routers, information assurance, web security, web programming, Windows server, enterprise architecture, operating systems, computer theory, technical writing, and C++.