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What are some good majors that applies to nursing or pre-med in general?

Asked Santa Clara, California

I am going to be a senior in high school next year and I want to have an idea on what majors to take in college. #nursing #pre-med #registered-nurses

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Joey’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

Greetings Roger!

As someone that has degrees in history and library science along with my medical school degree, I would agree with Ian that you can do whatever you want. The main difference between medicine and nursing is that nursing is typically done as a bachelors degree major, but you could always double major in nursing along with another field. There are bachelors to bachelors programs that exist for nursing also, which are typically 12-18 month programs designed for students that have a bachelors degree and want to pursue a bachelors in nursing.

Medical school is different because your bachelors degree is a pre-requisite for medical school, so as long as you take whatever specific courses the medical schools require and take the MCAT you can major in any field. When I interviewed for medical school I heard "We have never had a library science person apply before!" in every interview, so there is definitely something to having a unique background. However, most medical schools get lots of applicants and due to that fact they often select interviewees based on their MCAT score and GPA, but other things are considered. It is very important to earn high marks in your medical school pre-requisites and the MCAT.

Another important thing to do is volunteer, job shadow, or find a job in the health care field. This not only will help your applications, but it will expose you to the day to day work of nurses and doctors so you can verify that this is really what you want to do every day.

Thank you very much for your question, and do not hesitate to contact me if you want clarification on anything I have mentioned.

Ian’s Answer

Updated Decatur, Georgia

There is no one path to becoming a medical professional and that in a sense allows you to pretty much study whatever you find interesting. I know doctors that have studied Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology, but I have also met a doctor that majored in Spanish and one that has a degree in Dance from a premiere performing arts college. This being said, they all had to do well on their MCATs and they all had to take biology, chemistry, and physics. I have two good friends that are nurses, one of whom has a Masters in Social Work and the other a Fine Arts undergrad. Medical schools are inundated with applications from the brightest students from biology departments across the World. Do something that makes you happy without being a doctor and it may just set you apart from the bunch when your application lands on the desk of the admissions department at your first choice school.

These are some of the mandatory courses you must take in nursing in order to receive your BSN. There are clinicals that you must pass as well. Anatomy. Microbiology. Chemistry. Nutrition. Psychology. Nursing practice and theory.