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Going into the medical field, what is the most difficult concept to grasp when learning about a patient? History? Condition? Diagnosis?

I was just wondering because I am always trying to see whats the hardest topic to discuss or to try to learn about the body or what could possible be going on with a patient and what their state or condition they could be in #doctor #nursing #pre-med #registered-nurses #doctorate-degree #pediatric-nursing

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Erin’s Answer

These days, the doctors have about 15 mins with a patient (HMO/insurance issues causing a squeeze) so I would say that getting an accurate history is the most important. Making sure the correct history and med list is recorded is pivotal b/c the diagnosis is often based on this information or misinformation. When everyone is rushing, this is one thing that can not be rushed since it affects all else. *To answer your question: What is hardest to learn? Taking a good History is the hardest to learn b/c you have to know what questions to ask, keep the person on track, and know what is/is not relevant to the acute episode.