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Destiny M. Aug 21, 2016 636 views

When trying to diagnose a patient, what are the step taken to actually diagnose and give the right diagnosis of the patient?

I always feel like it's difficult for a physician to diagnose a patient, because, for me, I feel that there are many steps that must be taken to properly diagnose a patient and to give or recommend them for the proper treatment #doctor #medicine #nurse #pre-med #registered-nurses...


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Destiny M. Aug 21, 2016 413 views

Going into the medical field, what is the most difficult concept to grasp when learning about a patient? History? Condition? Diagnosis?

I was just wondering because I am always trying to see whats the hardest topic to discuss or to try to learn about the body or what could possible be going on with a patient and what their state or condition they could be in #doctor #nursing #pre-med #registered-nurses #doctorate-degree...