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Mason, Ohio

Within 40 mile radius
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Honesty yesterday 23 views

What internships are available for carpentry ?

Construction, carpentry, career, woodworking, apprenticeship, internships.

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Natalie Mar 25 49 views

For the people in pre-med... what is the best schools to apply to?

I want to go into neurosurgery so I want a good pre med program but also not have to pay a million dollars for it.

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Aaron Mar 21 50 views

How would a Mechanical engineering undergraduate go about pursuing an Engineering career with the goal of working on rockets/spacecraft?

I'm a sophomore in college who wants to work on rockets/spacecraft, my school does not offer Aerospace Engineering. I know that ME is the same as AE (in undergrad) but what's the best course of attack? Trying to find a job after undergrad or getting a Master's in AE to help? Any advice would be...

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Daniel Feb 23 288 views

Can I join the army if i have a 504 plan for ADHD?

I'm a Junior in high school currently looking into a military career and I was wondering if I can join the army or any branch with a 504 would having a 72 on the AFQT(Armed Forces Qualification Test) help? I would like to clarify that according to DOD medical standards that I came across a 504...

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Terinn Dec 09, 2022 198 views

What is the best way to become a Psychiatrist, Is there only one route? What AP courses should you take in high school to become one and what is the best path?

I am a junior in high school struggling with course selection.

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Terinn Dec 09, 2022 178 views

What is the best way to become a Psychiatrist, Is there only one route? What AP courses should you take in high school to become one and what is the best path?

I am a junior in high school struggling with course selection.

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Atlas Jul 31, 2022 384 views

How can I get started in transcription?

I would like to learn how to transcribe and/or do captioning. My native language is English.

Edit: I currently type 70-80WPM

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Mia Jul 21, 2022 212 views

Nurse Practitioner

what are the steps to become a nurse practitioner after nursing school?

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Mia Jul 12, 2022 327 views


I need help getting started in my ui/ux design career, also any tips on being a project manager will also be super helpful. Every website I look on to try and get a certificate is almost $1000

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kaylee Feb 25, 2022 233 views

what are some specific important high school classes to take in order to become a vet?

#veterinarian #veterinary

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kaylee Feb 25, 2022 219 views

is the university of Kentucky a good school to become a veterinarian?

#veterinary #veterinarian #animal-health

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kaylee Feb 24, 2022 213 views

I want to be a large animal, especially equine, vet. I also want to have time to spend with my family and not be away all the time. What kind of practice should I work at for this, and is there even a way to have both family time and do the type of work I want to?

#animal-health #college

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kaylee Feb 22, 2022 230 views

what is it like to be a large animal veterinarian?

i am a sophomore in high school, and i want to know more about different careers
#veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #veterinary

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Izabel Feb 10, 2022 336 views

What are the best colleges for wildlife conservation/ biology and marine biology in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana?

#marine-biology #biology #science #animals #zoology #college #career #wildlife #conservation

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Izabel Feb 10, 2022 304 views

How should I study in college to become a wildlife conservationist who tracks animals and writes articles on them?

#animals #college #career #major #minor #wildlife #conservation

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Izabel Feb 10, 2022 305 views

My dream careers are centered around wildlife rehabilitation and conservation. However, I am not sure what the best majors and minors are for this field (environmental science, biology, wildlife conservation, etc.). Has anyone had this same experience? Can anyone who has these careers give me advice for what to major and minor in?

#biology #career #science #major #environmental #wildlife #conservation #job #minor

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Blake Sep 02, 2021 537 views

How complicated is informational technology as a job?


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Grace Apr 19, 2021 550 views

How do I get a job in graphic design that focuses more on illustration?

I am in my third year of college with a major in graphic design and a minor in marketing. I would like to focus more on digital illustration rather than logo or web design. How would I go about presenting myself to a prospective job? What should I expect from the work environment? What will the...

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grace Dec 17, 2020 1662 views

I'm a marketing major in my 3rd year - but I loved my accounting class! How do I know which to major in?

I am currently a third year student in marketing. I switched to marketing at the beginning of my third year, so the business classes were knew to me. I will be graduating late. I took accounting 1 this fall and I absolutely loved it - which is weird for me to say. I didn't know anything about...

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Ishita Jul 20, 2020 364 views

Hi, what is the future of AI in renewable energy sector? What skills sets will be required to be relevent in this sector for comming decades?

#engineer #engineering #Co generation #mechanical-engineering #energy Management.

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Taylor May 14, 2020 587 views

Am I to young to do an Internship?

I'm 13 years old, but I want to do an internship for interior design. Should I wait? #interior-design #internship

grace’s Avatar
grace Apr 23, 2020 682 views

Would a major in Strategic Communications with a Business minor or a major in Marketing be best for a career in business?

I'm ending my second year in college and am having trouble with my major. I haven't necessarily decided on one yet. I'm deciding if I should do Strategic Communications with a Business minor or apply to the business school and do Marketing. I'm planning on applying no matter what but I would...

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Apr 21, 2020 569 views

What could I do to sharpen my design skills RIGHT NOW?

What could I do to keep busy and productive, and keep my interior design skills sharp? Are there ways to design without going out? (I know that with COVID-19 around I won't have as many options.)#career #design #interior-design #any

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Apr 14, 2020 577 views

Who are the biggest Interior Designers?

What companies and pros really stand out in the design world and what could I learn from them? #interior-design #interior #designer #professional #any

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Apr 06, 2020 840 views

How do you start your own company?

I want to start my own interior design company after I graduate college and after I am more known for my design passion, but how do I do that? Would I need to work with other pro-designers? Will I need to start saving money soon after college? Should I work in a design company before starting...

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Apr 02, 2020 487 views

What school should I go to for interior design? I want to go to the University of Cincinnati but is that the best choice?

I want to get the best education to have the most successful career. What programs should I do and what degrees should I strive for? #college #interior-design #design
#school #degree

Harshith’s Avatar
Harshith Apr 02, 2020 559 views

how To finalize on college selection ?

Hi ... I got selected in UCLA for economics and university of Cincinnati for honors LHP program in business analytics with a presendential scholarship. Now I am confused if I should choose college where I don’t pay anything or a big college like LHP which would be a big loan for me ? On what...

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Apr 01, 2020 373 views

What's the difference between a interior designer and an interior decorator besides the degree?

Do they both choose furniture and wall colors, etc? Which one get more job opportunities? Which one is more successful($)? #interior-design #design

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Apr 01, 2020 430 views

What does the everyday schedule look like if your an interior designer?

I want to be an interior designer, but what would I be doing everyday? Would I be building and working/designing a space? Or would I be doing paperwork and using a computer part of the time too? #design #interior-design

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Apr 01, 2020 590 views

Hi, I'm in 8th grade, and I want to be an interior designer. I just don't know where to start though.

Every time I choose a career/passion to pursue, the career always has a way for me to be creative. I want to try interior design, but I'm not sure where to start. I want to go to the University of Cincinnati for a design degree, but I also want to make a few goals for me to reach right now....

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